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"What Love Can Do"
Bruce Springsteeen & The E Street Band
Philadelphia, PA
October 14, 2009

Recorded By Flying Gonz
Remastered and edited by Fanatic Records

Following "Thundercrack," Springsteen powered through a rare "The Ties that Bind" before debuting one of the standout
tracks off of Working on a Dream that seemed destined for the scrap heap. Feeding off of the intensity of "Ties,"
"What Love Can Do" didn't come off with an awkward "hey, let's see how this goes" feeling, but instead was played with
a fervor and familiarity that made it seem as if the band had been playing the song for years.


When I began compiling bonus tracks for The RRHOF remaster, I wanted to use strong material that would make a statement
and compliment the set. "what Love Can Do" was debuted at this show and man what a powerful song this is and it's a
shame that it wasn't played regularly throughout the tour. This show, as all the Philly shows, is performed with great
intensity and high-energy. At this date the entire "Darkness" album is performed making that in itself special. I just
love the sizzling guitar work on Prove It All Night! Perhaps influenced by Tom Morello. I had no intention of working on
this show, but since I already EQed one song, and after several requests, I thought I'd take a stab at it. I faded the
beginning and end of each disc and cut out some of the audience noise from Born to Run. The high end and volume was brought
up giving it a brighter and upfront sound.

Thanks to FLying Gonz for being there and capturing this special night!!!

Artwork is included.


Disc 1
01. Thundercrack
02. The Ties That Bind
03. What Love Can Do
04. Hungry Heart
05. Working on a Dream
06. Badlands
07. Adam Raised a Cain
08. Something in the Night
09. Candy’s Room
10. Racing in the Street

Disc 2
01. The Promised Land
02. Factory
03. Streets of Fire
04. Prove It All Night
05. Darkness on the Edge of Town
06. Waitin’ on a Sunny Day
07. Sherry Darling

Disc 3
01. Human Touch
02. Long Walk Home
03. The Rising
04. Born to Run
05. Ramrod
06. Detroit Medley
07. American Land
08. Dancing in the Dark
09. Rosalita

What Love can do


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