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Bruce Springsteen -
Community Center, Tuscon, AZ;
December 13, 1978

Format: 3 Cdr
Source: Audience Tape
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Total Time: 2 hours 53 minutes 25 seconds
Date: 13th December 1978
Location: Community Center, Tuscon, AZ

Transfer/Trade and Generation Info: Tape (Details Unknown) -> Wav -> Flac (Level 8, Align on SB, Verify)

01-Good Rockin' Tonight (2:40)
02-Badlands (4:31)
03-Streets of Fire (5:03)
04-Spirit in the Night (6:55)
05-It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City (5:48)
06-Darkness on the Edge of Town (5:44)
07-Independence Day (6:14)
08-The Promised Land (5:25)
09-Prove It All Night (0:15)
10-Prove It All Night (6:54)
11-Racing in the Street (8:37)
12-Thunder Road (5:39)
13-Jungleland (10:31)
14-The Ties That Bind (4:50)

15-Santa Claus is Coming to Town (5:24)
16-The Fever (8:23)
17-Fire (3:18)
18-Candy's room (3:00)
19-Because the Night (7:33)
20-Pont Blank (8:56)
21-Mona (3:33)
22-She's the One (9:23)
23-Backstreets (7:12)
24-Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (12:53)

25-Born to Run (5:44)
26-Detroit Medley (9:16)
27-Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (4:15)
28-Quarter to Three (5:29)

Very small file size - possibly mono??

[email protected]

NOtes: Another mon recording, thus the tiny flac files. An edit where the instrumental of Prove It was separated at the 15 second mark, I rejoined the two tracks, some is missing. The start runs a little fast then corrects itself. A bit distant sounding. Speeds up at the very end again. Quarter to Three is cut. Buyer Beware!

Enjoy, Ivan.

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