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Bruce Springsteen & The E St Band - Radrennbarn Weissensee, East Berlin July 19, 1988

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Radrennbarn Weissensee, East Berlin, Germany
July 19, 1988

Broadcast Edition: Revisited & Remastered

Transfer: 'Rockin' In The Bandlands' CD > xACT 2.37 (secure rip) > Peak Pro XT (pitch adjusted) > iZotope RX / Ozone 5 (remastered) > Peak Pro 6 (patch / post production) > xACT 2.37 > FLAC

01 Badlands
02 Out In The Street
03 Boom Boom
04 Adam Raised A Cain (Audience)
05 All That Heaven Will Allow (Audience)
06 The River
07 Cover Me (Audience)
08 Brilliant Disguise (Audience)
09 The Promised Land
10 Spare Parts
11 War
12 Born In The USA
13 Chimes Of Freedom
14 Paradise By The C
15 Who Do You Love > She's The One
16 You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
17 I'm A Coward
18 I'm On Fire
19 Downbound Train
20 Because The Night
21 Dancing In The Dark
22 Light Of Day > Land Of A Thousand Dances
23 Born To Run
24 Hungry Heart
25 Glory Days
26 Can't Help Falling In Love
27 Bobby Jean
28 Cadillac Ranch
29 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
30 Sweet Soul Music
31 Twist And Shout > Havin' A Party

Known Faults:
-Brilliant Disguise: end cut
-4 songs patched with Audience tape
-War > Born In The USA: less than 1 second patched in transition restoring opening note of Born In The USA.

While working on the recently released audience version of this historic event I thought it would be nice to also present a new broadcast version for the 30th Anniversary. I hit up all the usual collectors but failed in finding a new version of the broadcast. So while using this version to fill in the gaps of the audience tape I began fooling around with a little remastering.

I normally don't remaster already existing shows for sharing but after working on the songs that I would need for the audience gaps I thought the remastering was quite nice.

Although the quality of this version in its original form is very good, I've always felt it was somewhat flat as well as having numerous drops in volume and a number of rough transitions.

I was able to make improvements in a number of areas. After ensuring the pitch was accurate, the original runs just a touch slow, the dc offset was removed aligning the channels. All volume fluctuations and drops have been fixed and leveled, rough transitions have been smoothed and I added one patch of just under one second to the transition between "War > Born In The USA" from the audience capture so the jump cut is no longer there and the missing opening note to "Born In The USA" is restored.

Lastly, I wanted to open up the stereo spectrum giving it more headroom and space to breathe. I've been using iZotope's 'eq match' function to match patches with, at times, good success but have not tried it on a full show until now. Using the official Stockholm '88 release as the basis for the frequency 'match' imho the results are quite pleasing and to my ears the songs seem to have more life to them.

As for the audience songs that were patched, I only made sure the pitch was correct and did some extracting of the most severe audience noises. The quality of the audience patches is very good and not a shock to the ears.

It was not possible to fix the strange distant sound that portions of some songs suffer from when the broadcast switched camera angles but I hope overall you find this a solid improvement and worthy historic document.

I only have one additional request different than my usual, 'do whatever you want with my postings', regarding this show. If you post to any other trackers or blogs please clearly identify this as a 'Remaster", if collectors prefer the original version over this remaster I want to make sure they clearly remain as separate releases.

artwork provided...


BS - 1988-07-19 East Berlin (30th Anniversary Remastered) flac.rar - FileFactory

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