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Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band ‎– Complete 1978 Radio Broadcasts - FM/FLAC

This is an "unofficial" bootleg set on the "Soundstage" label that appears to be legal in some parts of the world where radio shows don't hold any copyright. The silvers can be had for a very cheap price if you can find them, sometimes only $15 or $20 for the 15CD set. Overall, excellent sound.


Live At The Roxy Theater, West Hollywood, CA 7th July 1978

1-1 Intro / ‘No private parties’
1-2 Rave On
1-3 Badlands
1-4 Spirit In The Night
1-5 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
1-6 Candy’s Room
1-7 For You
1-8 Point Blank
1-9 The Promised Land
1-10 Prove It All Night
1-11 Intro / ‘Alice In Wonderland’
1-12 Racing In The Street
1-13 Thunder Road
1-14 Outro / ‘Incredible performance’
2-1 Paradise By The ‘C’
2-2 Fire
2-3 Adam Raised A Cain
2-4 Mona
2-5 She’s The One
2-6 Growin’ Up
2-7 It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City
2-8 Backstreets
2-9 Heartbreak Hotel
2-10 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
3-1 Independence Day (solo Piano)
3-2 Born To Run
3-3 Because The Night
3-4 Raise Your Hand
3-5 Radio Comments / ‘Incredible’
3-6 Twist & Shout

Live At The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH 9th August 1978

4-1 Intro
4-2 Summertime Blues
4-3 Badlands
4-4 Spirit In The Night
4-5 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
4-6 Factory
4-7 The Promised Land
4-8 Prove It All Night
4-9 Racing In The Street > Thunder Road
4-10 Jungleland
5-1 Intro
5-2 Paradise By The C
5-3 Fire
5-4 Sherry Darling
5-5 Not Fade Away
5-6 Gloria > She’s The One
5-7 Growin’ Up
5-8 Backstreets
5-9 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
6-1 Intro
6-2 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
6-3 Born To Run
6-4 Because The Night
6-5 Raise Your Hand
6-6 Twist And Shout

Live At The Capitol Theater, Passiac NJ 19th September 1978

7-1 Intro
7-2 Badlands
7-3 Streets Of Fire
7-4 Spirit In The Night
7-5 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
7-6 Independence Day
7-7 The Promised Land
7-8 Prove It All Night
7-9 Racing In The Street
7-10 Thunder Road
7-11 Meeting Across The River
7-12 Jungleland
8-1 Kitty's Back
8-2 Fire
8-3 Candy's Room
8-4 Because The Night
8-5 Point Blank
8-6 Not Fade Away
8-7 She's The One
8-8 Backstreets
8-9 Rosalita
8-10 Sandy
9-1 Born To Run
9-2 10th Avenue Freeze-Out
9-3 Detroit Medley
9-4 Raise Your Hand

Live At The Fox Theater, Atlanta GA 30th September 1978

10-1 Good Rockin’ Tonight
10-2 Badlands
10-3 Spirit In The Night
10-4 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
10-5 Independence Day
10-6 The Promised Land
10-7 Prove It All Night
10-8 Racing In The Street
10-9 Thunder Road
10-10 Jungleland
11-1 Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town
11-2 Night train
11-3 Fire
11-4 Candy’s Room
11-5 Because The Night
11-6 Point Blank
11-7 Not Fade Away / Gloria / She’s The One
11-8 Backstreets / Sad Eyes
12-1 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
12-2 Born To Run
12-3 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
12-4 Detroit Medley
12-5 Raise Your Hand

Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA 15th December 1978

13-1 Badlands
13-2 Streets Of Fire
13-3 Spirit In The Night
13-4 Darkness On The Edge Of Town Factory
13-5 The Promised Land
13-6 Prove It All Night
13-7 Racing In The Streets
13-8 Thunder Road
13-9 Jungleland
14-1 Backstreets
14-2 The Ties That Bind
14-3 Santa Story
14-4 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
14-5 The Fever
14-6 Fire
14-7 Candy’s Room
14-8 Because The Night
14-9 Point Blank
14-10 Mona / Preacher’s Daughter
14-11 She’s The One
15-1 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
15-2 Born to Run
15-3 Detroit Medley
15-4 10th Avenue Freeze-Out
15-5 Raise Your Hand
15-6 Quarter to Three


15 cd box set

By the time Darkness On The Edge Of Town was released in June 1978, Bruce Springsteen was firmly established as America’s most exhilarating rock performer. He and the E Street Band relentlessly toured the country from May of that year until January 1st 1979, playing 115 intense shows that have become the stuff of legend. This incendiary new 15-disc set gathers five exceptional performances that were broadcast on FM radio between July and December, and finds the Boss at the peak of his powers, tackling a huge range of material with unstinting energy and passion. Presented with copious background notes and images, it’s an essential addition to any serious Springsteen collection.



BSCompRadBro.part1.rar - FileFactory
BSCompRadBro.part2.rar - FileFactory
BSCompRadBro.part3.rar - FileFactory
BSCompRadBro.part4.rar - FileFactory
BSCompRadBro.part5.rar - FileFactory
BSCompRadBro.part6.rar - FileFactory
BSCompRadBro.part7.rar - FileFactory

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This is great, but I got errors trying to extract the files - with both WINRAR and 7Z.

Everything seemed to stop at the end of D14, so the final 2 tracks on D14 and all of D15 did not extract.

I got "unexpected end of data" errors for part1 and part 2 and "data errors" for D2-T6 and D14-T10.

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This is great, but I got errors trying to extract the files - with both WINRAR and 7Z.

Everything seemed to stop at the end of D14, so the final 2 tracks on D14 and all of D15 did not extract.

I got "unexpected end of data" errors for part1 and part 2 and "data errors" for D2-T6 and D14-T10.
I had no Errors with WinRAR on Windows 7. Are all parts except the last one exactly the same size of roughly 1GB?

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First show is amazing, great sound, love the Thunder Road story though this isn't the best telling of it. Looking forward to the remaining shows. Thanks SilentBob!

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Thank you

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Thank You! As a long time Springsteen collector I have several versions of all of these but thanks for spreading these. For many these were an introduction to Bruce for the first time.

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Bruce just released Roxy as his July 2018 download

I have the 15-CD set and I dig it, but I'm always interested to compare to the mix or mastering if Bruce someday releases one of these shows officially. On the first week of July 2018, Bruce released Roxy 1978 through his official download site.
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