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Hello all...

Found these on a site the other day and thought
some the folks here would like them.

Not my rip or description (BIG thanks to the original

Great sound quality at 320kbps...

This is a collection of demos by Buckingham Nicks recorded
between 1970-1974. They are called the "Coffee Plant Demos"
because Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks used to record
in the basement of Lindsey's father's coffee plant before
they went to LA to get a record deal.

However, that seems to be a bit of a misnomer because
both "Sorcerer" and "Garbo" were written after the couple
arrived in LA. Regardless, these are wonderful quality demos.

While some of these songs were released later by Stevie
Nicks or Fleetwood Mac, the gem 'Without You', the aptly
named 'Cathouse Blues', and the quaint 'Goldfish and the
Ladybug' never made it off the shelf. Authorship is not
documented in those cases, but although 'Without You' may
have been co-written, it is probably safe to say the others
were penned by Stevie Nicks.

It is to be noted that some of the songs have more than
one version, the differences between these versions seem to
be mainly which instruments are brought forward in the mix
(as indicated in the titles).

All in all, these tracks represent an excellent collection
of music from Buckingham Nicks, and a taste of what could have
been, if not for the offer (and subsequence acceptance), for
the couple to join Fleetwood Mac.

Buckingham Nicks - The Coffee Plant Demos

01 - Without You (Acoustic Guitar, Vocal) 3:42
02 - Nomad (Acoustic Guitar, Vocal) 2:10
03 - That's Alright (Acoustic Guitar, Vocal) 3:11
04 - Garbo (Acoustic Guitar, Vocal) 3:14
05 - Sorcerer (Acoustic Guitar, Vocal/No Drum Machine) 4:45
06 - Cathouse Blues (Acoustic Guitar, Vocal) 1:44
07 - Goldfish and the Ladybug (Acoustic Guitar, Vocal) 3:04
08 - Without You (Bass, Vocal) 3:44
09 - Nomad (Alternate, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal) 2:10
10 - That's Alright (Bass, Vocal) 3:09
11 - Garbo (Bass, Vocal) 3:16
12 - Sorcerer (Bass, Drum Machine, Vocal) 4:46
13 - Cathouse Blues (Bass, Vocal) 1:44
14 - Goldfish and the Ladybug (Vocal, Only) 03:04

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I love Stevie, thanks much
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