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does anyone have any trax from this blues great?

i think alot of folks would enjoy some of his stuff, even if they've never heard anything by him

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There is a BT of Damn Right I've Got the Blues floating around. I have it at home. If nobody posts it I will put it up later on tonight.

I actually met Buddy Guy at Legend's in Chicago back in November. I was up there for a real estate convention at the Downtown Hilton and decided to go see his bar. I walked in and He was right there at the bar having a drink, but nobody recognised it was him, except me of course. He took time to talk to me about music and was very down-to-earth. He even signed my tie that I was wearing. He is an extremely cool man. True Bluesman yet underrated.


I just found it posted in the BT w/ Vocals area, thanks to Pod God....
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