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Hey PG. The carpet that gproud suggested is wonderful. You can put the velcro on the back of your pedal and reposition them as needed. As far as a power supply just make sure its mA rating is greater than your highest rated pedal. .They only use what they need but if the powersupply is under-rated it will starve them and make paperweights out of them. Power Flex makes a great power supply that runs under 60 bucks. Also hit your local Radio Shack and get a small inline A/C power conditioner to avoid any drops or spikes to your new board. Use tie wraps (zip strips) to keep the cords nice and neat and avoid any snags. A good multi outlet powerstrip is always a good idea for the A/C powered stuff like some of the old Morleys and tube effects. They make the ones that hold up to 6 Transformers (d/c adapters) for about 12 bucks and those give you alot of space.
Hope this helps
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