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Hi guys my first post on your super forum and just wanted a bit of guidance.

I have just bought an Aria Sg series sunburst strat for £40 on ebay wanting to do some kind of relic/upgrade job after being inspired by a number of guys here have done the same thing.

So here is the thing, having got it home and had a quick play i was pleasantly surprised by how well it played. The sound was pretty naff as there was very little difference between the pick ups when I flicked through the 5 way selector but that was ok as i knew the cost cutting must have come from the electrics.

Tonight i have completely stripped it down and was really pleased with the body's quality and it looks like a solid piece of Alder instead of the crap they use for some start copies.

The plan ahead, and this is where you come in, is to make it a decent axe without spending the earth. I want it to be able to use as a back up guitar on stage but also look like the real thing as well. New pick ups is about the furtherest i want to go to make it sound better but which ones?

Buy a complete scratch plate and connected bits from ebay or just change the pots ?

What can i do to the inside of the guitar to help sustain, noise, quality etc?

As far as the asthetics, what can be done on a budget to make it look good as far as relic'ing it? Is there a 'how to' anywhere? Not sure i want to go for the full on Rory Gallacher look but it would be nice to get it looking road weary.

I have stuck a few pics below to give you some idea of the kit i am working with..

Thanks for all your help, views, links tips etc......
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