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So I am a gringo Americano, but my bf turned me onto this band from Mexico in approx. 2003 and I've been addicted ever since!

I have a decent collection of live shows, demos, tv appearances, etc for them and am working on an "Antologia" similar to The Doors Anthology I did last year. In the meantime, I'm desperate to find more of these guys and to turn on as many people as possible to their music! (And as per usual, all artwork included here (and in my other posts) is custom made by me!) Here's more info on them:

Cafe Tacvba Wiki:é_Tacuba

Cafe Tacvba website:

Cafe Tacvba Myspace:

my Cafe Tacvba music blog:

If ANYONE has some Cafe Tacvba that they'd like to share, PLEASE POST here or post a comment at my blog w links...!

And for those who would say, "But it's not in English... I don't know what they're saying... I can't listen to that...!" - I say, "Most of the time you have NO IDEA what Michael Stipe, Eddie Vedder or Thom Yorke are saying either, but we listen anyway! Give it a try folks! I promise you'll like it!

Cafe Tacvba: (2008-02-xx) MuchMusic's Intimo e Interactivo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

01 - Seguir Siendo
02 - Tengo Todo
03 - Chilanga Banda
04 - Las Flores
05 - De Acuerdo
06 - Esta vez
07 - Eres
08 - Como Te Extrano Mi Amor
09 - Dejate Caer
10 - Volver A Comenzar

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