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Well mine Jackson guitar doesn't have it and I'm wondering if I can get it and install it myself, or that isn't possible? Could someone help me with this one please :)

Oh and one side question to that. When tunning my guitar right, if I want to use the "dropped D" tunning, I need to lower the 6th E string to D right. How do I do that? By ear, or is it possible with a tuner...

Thanks :)

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it depends on what kind of bridge you have now, and what type you want to put assuming it being a jackson, you now have a stock bridge and you want to put in a floyd. most likely you will have to have someone route it out for the floyd....exactly what kind do you have now? just the factory trem bridge of a fixed bridge?
yes in drop D you tune the E down to D. just hit it together with the D string until it sounds the same as it. when you want to tune back up, pluck it together with the other E string.
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