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Hi all!
I am a guitarist in South Africa. I have a huge problem with hum/buzz on my guitar recording set-up. I will describe it in detail, and hope that someone will give me useful advice on how to solve the problem. I do feel it is probably a minor thing that needs to be done, but I am stuck!

Guitar into Boss GT8 - stereo out to Yamaha AW4416 workstation.
GT8 is powered by its own supply (220V to 14V, all purchased here in SA, no modifications).

AW4416 was bought in the US, and I am using it with a dowconversion transformer from 220 to 110V (being from the US it is on 110V, and power in SA is 220V). The line from the transformer to the unit itself is a 2-wire thing, not a three wire like the ones in South Africa. I presume there is no ground wire?).

Problem is as follows:
When I plug into my GT8 and play the guitar is absolutely noise-free. The moment I switch the AW4416 "on", a huge buzz appears, messing up all my recording afforts. If I unplug the cords connecting the GT8 to the AW4416 - noise disappears, i.e. the only time the noise is there is when the GT8 is connected to the AW4416, and the AW4416 is switched on. The noise is there regardless of whether I use the GT8's phones output, or the AW4416's phones output.

Both units are plugged in the same AC outlet.

Please, any ideas? I am frustrated, have work to do, but can not do it because of this huge buzz! I presume the workstation should be grounded, but how does that happen with power supply only on 2 wires?

Regards to all, urgent help will be appreciated!
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