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Carl Palmer - 2014-05-03 - Tel Aviv, Israel
(FM broadcast FLAC)

ELP Legacy Tour

Reading 3 Club

Complete Show

88FM Radio Broadcast

FM -> Zoom H1 -> WAV (16bit/44.1khz) -> PC -> Audacity -> TLH -> FLAC

VG (read the notes below)


Paul Bielatowicz - guitars
Simon Fitzpatrick - bass
Carl Palmer - drums

01. Radio DJs Talk
02. Ride of the Valkyries
03. Welcome Back
04. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
05. Carl Talks
06. Knife Edge
07. Mars, the Bringer of War
08. 21st Century Schizoid Man
09. Carl Introduces Paul
10. Claire de Lune (Guitar Solo)
11. Carl Introduces "Trilogy"
12. Trilogy
13. Bohemian Rhapsody (Bass Solo)
14. Carl Introduces "America"
15. America
16. Carmina Burana
17. Calr Introduces "Pictures at an Exhibition"
18. Pictures at an Exhibition
19. Carl Thanks the Crowd
20. Fanfare for the Common Man
21. Drum Solo
22. Fanfare for the Common Man (conclusion)
-Encore break removed-
23. Carl Thanks the Crowd
24. Hoedown

Length: 1:53:40

Normalizaed to 0.0 db
Balanced channels (20% Left)
Added fade in/out
Fixed SBEs, Flac'd, tested and created checksums.

The first ever concert of Carl Palmer's band in Israel. DJ talks during the intro to Ride of the Valkyries. Also there's a very short moment of silence at the end of the track, looks like somebody on the controls pressed mute(?) Carl's introduction to the guitar solo is also damaged by both mic problems in the club and broadcasting issues. During Paul's guitar solo the left channel misteriously goes off and returns at the end. In the middle of Simon's bass solo the DJ shows some typical Israeli chutzpah and breaks in to tell us it's Bohemian Rhapsody. (Seriously man!) Don't worry he breaks in yet again during "Pictures". The hiss is sometimes a bit stronger, but it's noticed mostly during quiet parts. All in all the performance is truly remarkable and the setlist very interesting (in my opinion).




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F*ck this Highland guys.
This was freely uploaded to Dimeadozen by the user andy988.
No label is supposed to claim it and re-release it as their own for profit.
This is why the trading community gets an undeserving bad reputation.
To be clear, I'm not blaming EDGE for anything, I'm grateful for his blog.
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