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Charlatans - 1991-03-05 - Boston, MA
(FM broadcast [email protected])

Rob Collins - piano, organ, mellotron and backing vocals (R.I.P.)
Tim Burgess - vocals, harmonica
Mark Collins (no relation to Rob, replacing John Baker) - guitar
Martin Blunt - bass
John Brookes - drums

01 - Radio Introduction (bradley J) (3:47)
02 - The Only One I Know (4:01)
03 - You're Not Very Well (3:46)
04 - Believe You Me (3:56)
05 - Can't Even Be Bothered (2:55)
06 - Then (4:02)
07 - Happen To Die (5:27)
08 - Flower (5:15)
09 - White Shirt (3:30)
10 - Indian Rope (6:39)
11 - Opportunity (8:15)
12 - Sproston Green (7:51)
13 - Radio Announcer Closing Comments (bradley J) (4:30)

Playlist length:
1 hour 3 minutes 54 seconds



The Charlatans UK had to add the "UK" to their name in the early 90's to avoid confusion because they were playing an American tour and there's a different (American 60's rock) band called the Charlatans. this is a complete recording without any tape flip interruption. (all recorded on one side of a reel tape) this was the 1st appearance of the Charlatans UK in Boston according to the radio announcer Bradley J. they were still touring the music of their 1990 debut album "some friendly", and their next album wasn't released until 1992 ("between 10th and 11th" they have 2 official live releases, one recorded in Manchester, U.K. on their "wonderland" tour on Dec. 14, 2001, and their other live release called "live at Delamere Forest" was available by download only from the band's website and was all recorded from a June 15, 2007
concert at Delamere Forest.) thus there is no officially available record of live Charlatans UK from this era, and apparently not many ROIO's of this era either. this show includes both hits from their 1st album "then" and "the only one I know".
I don't know this band's songs well at all so I'm just hoping the etree setlist is right for this one, since it was listed
as a late February date, but this was the only 1991 show for them in Boston, and there were the right number of songs and tracks so I'd suspect it matches up correctly. Boston has always loved hearing British bands, whether old or new, classic rock or alternative/new wave type bands. they enjoyed hearing this one too. there was no encore in this show (apparently) but this seems to be the full set. there was about 2 minutes of a studio track before the band is introduced, so I've removed most of that, fading into the last few seconds of it before the band is introduced onstage.
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