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1985 to 1987

This series is dedicated to another Charlie Watts sidestep: The Charlie Watts Orchestra.
Thanks to the original recorders and especially to nzb and Jaap (Stonesmuziekfan) who provided me their recordings, gave critic and advice regarding my work … so without whom this project wouldn’t have been possible!


04th July 1987
Pistoia – Piazza Del Duomo, ‘Bluesin ‘87’

04th July 1987: THE CHARLIE WATTS ORCHESTRA. Pistoia, Italy, Piazza Del Duomo, ‘Bluesin ‘87’
The line-up is not 100% confirmed: it's most probably:
Line-up: CW (dr)/Don Weller (tsax)/Olaf Vas (ssax)/Jimmy Deuchar (tp)/Alan Downey (tp)/John Huckeridge (tp)/Steve Sidwell (tp)/Paul … (tp)/Henry Lowther (tp)/Colin Smith (tp)/Jim Lawless (vibes)/Bill LeSage(vibes)/Paul Rutherford (tb)/Annie Whitehead (tb)/Chris Pyne (tb)/ John Picard (tb)/Mike Hough (tb)/Alan Skidmore (tsax)/Peter King (asax)/Michael Payne (p)/Roy Sidwell (bsax)/Simon Picard (tsax)/EvanParker (tsax)/Bobby Wellins (tsax)/Danny Moss (tsax)/Stan Robinson (tsax)/Ray Warleigh (asax)/Dave Green (bass)/Ron Mathewson (bass)/John Stevens (dr)/Bill Eyden (dr)
Note: Broadcast through Italian radio.

01 - intro
02 - Stompin’ At The Savoy
03 - Points North
04 - See You C.B.
05 - Lester Leaps In
06 - Sono
07 - Flying Home & reprise
08 - outro

Our versions were coming from the same audience source but only nzb’s version was lossless.
I equalized the tracks in particuliar “Stompin’ At The Savoy” where I also deleted a noise and a gap at 9’11.

As usual all the infos are taken from The Complete Works Of The Rolling Stones database by Nico Zentgraf: The Complete Works of the Rolling Stones - Database
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