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The Charlie Watts Quintet
The 1991 Japan shows

A big thank to my usual partners in crime nzb and Jaap (Stonesmuziekfan) who sent me their versions for these shows and gave critics and advise regarding my work.

Volume 02
15th September 1991 – second show
Tokyo, Japan, Aoyama Spiral

15th September 1991: CHARLIE WATTS QUINTET. Tokyo, Japan, Aoyama
Spiral (2nd show)
Line-up: CW (dr)/Peter King (sax)/Gerard Presencer (tp)/David Green (bass)/Brian Lemon (p)/Bernard Fowler (narrator)/& string section 'Trybeat' (on 'Terra De Pajaro' and 'Going, Going, Going, Gone')

01 – Intro by Bernard Fowler
02 – Practising, Practising, Just Great
03 – Narration by Bernard Fowler
04 – Blackbird - White Chicks
05 – Narration by Bernard Fowler
06 – Bluebird
07 – Narration by Bernard Fowler
08 – Bound For New York
09 – Narration by Bernard Fowler
10 - Terra De Pajaro
11 – Narration by Bernard Fowler
12 – Bad Seeds - Rye Drinks
13 – Narration by Bernard Fowler
14 – Relaxing At Camarillo
15 – Narration by Bernard Fowler
16 – Going, Going, Going, Gone
17 – Narration by Bernard Fowler
18 – Now’s The Time [short]
19 – Now’s The Time [long]
As usual all the infos are taken from The Rolling Stones Complete Works Database by Nico Zentgraf:
The Complete Works of the Rolling Stones - Database

Good quality recording with some annoying microphone noises between the tracks (like ice cubes in a glass) ... but nothing could be done to fix that. I separated the narration from the songs, I amplified the sound (2 or 3db) and created covers.
Note that the previous circulating version was lossy, this one coming from nzb is lossless.
For the back cover I used and reworked pics from the great Japanese fanzine “Stone People” (issue #60).

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dalmar6677-Charlie Watts Quintet 1991 Japan shows Vol 02 - 1991-09-15 2nd show Tokyo, Japan, Aoyama Spiral.rar - FileFactory Quintet 1991 Japan shows Vol 02 - 1991-09-15 2nd show Tokyo, Japan, Aoyama Spiral.rar
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