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Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
November 14, 1977

AKA Wayshway

LINEAGE: Unknown
FLAC Level 8

Track Listing
01. Hello There
02. Come On, Come On
03. Elo Kiddies
04. Speak Now
05. Big Eyes
06. Southern Girls
07. Downed
08. You're A Loser
09. Ain't That A Shame
10. He's A Whore
11. Please, Mrs. Henry
12. Goodnight
13. Clock Strikes Ten
14. Auf Wiedersehen

Received this in a trade many years ago

01. Remastered in Presonus Studio 1 without losing the integrity of the show.
02. Minor speed and tuning adjustment.
03. Minor compression to balance out and tighten up the instruments.
04. Minor Equalization.
05. Minor noise restoration.
06. Minor cuts and cross-fading for smooth transitions and fixing damage parts that have cuts, skips or tape flips.
07. Fade ins and Fade Outs.
08. Artwork for the show.!SyBmkSrQ!_QOY_G584bG1PodeCaziGQ21_rbKmHwLSlb4I0eo7O0

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Hey Tardis, real quick, I noticed that the title of this share says 1977.11.11, but i think the performance is from the 14th. Thanks again brother!

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