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CHEAP TRICK Garden State Arts Center Holmdel NJ 1985-09-05 WRATHCHILD Master

Garden State Arts Center Holmdel, NJ 9/6/85
September 9, 1985 Opening for HEART
16 Bit Sample Size
44100 Sample Rate

From the WRATHCHILD collection but NOT a WRATHCHILD Recording

Lineage: Tape Trade Low Bias cassette --> Pioneer Stereo Tape Deck -->
Behringer UCA222 RCA Jack to USB Converter --> USB --> AVS Audio Editor Record --> WAV -->
Sony CD Architect (Combine Sides and remove tape flip --> WAV --> AVS Audio Editor (Mastering and Split into individual files (see below) --> WAVS(s) --> Sony Soundforge 11 (Mastering - See Below) --> WAV --> Bigasoft Audio Converter --> FLAC (8) --> Traders Little Helper (Remove SBEs) --> FLAC --> WinRar Compression --> YOU!

01. Gonna Raise Hell (Intro) *
02. Hello There
03, Baby Loves To Rock
04. I Want You To Want Me
05. Standing On The Edge
06. If You Want My Love
07. Tonight It's You
08. Aint That A Shame
09. Stop This Game
10. Little Sister
11. Shes Tight
12. Dream Police
13. Encore Break
14. Surrender

Opening up for Heart on the STANDING ON THE EDGE TOUR.
Not Sure how much this has been circulated.

Digitally reproduced from the tape trade I made in the 80's. I think this is a LOW GEN since the event was local. I used to trade with a guy who taped shows locally.
This one is a pretty crummy sound so I had try and boost it quite a bit and got a little better sound out of it.
(*) Song cut in on original tape. Mixed the begining with another show from 1986 so that it had an intro.
Checksum Included.

Sound was pretty rough/muddy and lucky for NO ONE: the taper or his neighbor is singing along with every song. Here is how I mastered it:
AVS Sound Editor - NOISE GATE Cassette setting and HIGH END Compression.
SONY SOUNDFORGE 11 - Acoustic Mirror Setting and Amplitude Modulation tool.
Still could use some cleaning up made I made it A LOT more listenable.

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