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CHEAP TRICK - "El Mocambo Club - Toronto 1977"
El Mocambo, Toronto, Ontario
October 5th, 1977
Very Good to Excellent Radio Broadcast
*** "In Color...And In Black And White" tour ***

Note: take no prisoner's powerhouse performance by Cheap Trick, thankfully broadcast on the radio giving us one of the best "In Color...And In Black And White" live shows! It's also a bonus they happened to play some unreleased stuff like Dylan's "Mrs. Henry" (which was a staple on this tour), Jeff Lynne's Move single "Down On The Bay", and the very rarely played "Loser."

Rick Nielson - guitar & backing vocals
Robin Zander - lead vocals & guitar
Bun E. Carlos - drums
Tom Petersson - bass & backing vocals

01 Hello There
02 Come On, Come On
03 Elo Kiddies
04 All Tied Up
05 Big Eyes
06 Southern Girls
07 Downed
08 Loser
09 Ain't That A Shame (Fats Domino)
10 Mrs. Henry (Bob Dylan)
11 He's A Whore
12 Down On The Bay (Jeff Lynne)
13 Goodnight

Toronto's El Mocambo Club at night.The El Mocambo Tavern (462-464, Spadina Ave., Toronto ON M5T 2G8) (aka "The El Mo" is a live music and entertainment venue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Located on Spadina Avenue, just south of College Street, the bar played an important role in the development of popular music in Toronto since the 1940's. It is perhaps best known for hosting two Rolling Stones shows on March 4th and 5th, 1977 that were recorded for release on the band's "Love You Live" album.
I'll never forget my first visit there to see a Canadian blues legend Danny Marks. As I descended the dungeon-like stairs to go to the restroom I encountered a sign the said "The John" pointing to the left for the men...naturally pointing to the right for the women was a sign that read "The Yoko!"

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