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looks pretty cool :)

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dabbler101 said:
Howdy folks!

I am new here (turned on to this by someone at work). My dad gave me this guitar to add to my collection.

It is a Gibson ES-325 and from what I could determine from the Gibson site, it was built at the Tennessee factory in the 1970's.

Plays beautifully!
Very cool...........all I got from my dad, was a smack to the back of my head :D

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very nice man:D

i got 4 guitars from my cool dad :D
i have 2 pics of them... the first one was the first electric i owned that is a samick.

next is the 60`s goldtop lespaul .. limited edition....

next was a cool crafter acoustic.. i loved it!!

the next was the ultimate one :lol: a yngwie malmsteen made in USA signature series fender stratocaster
loved my dad:sap:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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