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Chick Corea Elektric Band II - 1993-11-12 - Ames, Iowa
(Audience FLAC)

Chick Corea Elektric Band II
The Maintenance Shop
Ames, Iowa
November 12th, 1993

Received as 11/11 but according to The Maintenance Shop Show List, the Flecktones played on 11/11 and CCEB played on 11/12.

Chick Corea- Fender Rhodes, Piano
Mike Miller- Guitars
Eric Marienthal- Sax
Jimmy Earl- bass
Gary Novak- drums

EX- AUD Recording. Check Sample.

CD 1
T1 ? 13:35
T2 Moment's Notice 12:36
T3 Spanish Sketch 10:30
T4 Ritual 12:50
T5 Lush Life 7:37
T6 Space 18:34

CD 2
T1 CTA 12:59
T2 Tone Poem 13:55
T3 Ished 11:22
T4 Space 17:56
T5 ? 7:41

CD 3
T1 Tumba Island
T2 Straight No Chaser
T3 Tumba Island
T4 Blue Miles (clipping)
T5 Crowd

I thought I posted this show here already years ago but a bot search revealed nothing. Nice sounding long show(s?)! Not sure why the two versions of Space and Tumba Island. It's not clear that there are two sets here by the comments between songs but there must have been. Also, there is a bit of digi-noise on the 2nd Tumba (during drum solo) and all over Blue Miles. I almost omitted BM from the upload but I will let you decide what to do. Although this is,overall, a great recording, it does run quite hot at times. The band is on fire too. : )


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