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Nova Rock Open Air Festival

Taper: mrruin

01 Avenida Revolution
02 Soap On A Rope
03 Sexy Little Thing
04 Oh Yeah
05 Down The Drain
06 Learning To Fall
07 Get It Up
08 Turnin' Left
09 The Future Is The Past
10 Bad Motor Scooter

Show Notes:
A lesson in having fun on stage. Thats how I would describe this show. By Sammy Hagar's words it was their 10th overall show and the very first show in Europe. To top it off this was Michael Anthony's birthday! So no wonder the guys where in very high spirits. I have never seen so many smiles and genuine fun on stage ever. Just incredible what those guys pulled off that night without any effort or so it seemed. Hagar got the crowd into it and by the time it was over people wouldnt stop cheering. Joe Satriani filmed the ecstatic crowd at the end with his camer and a big smile on his face. The perfect band for a festival evening, yeah baby!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts