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  • Hello guitar enthusiasts! We are pleased to announce an Ask Me Anything discussion thread with Dutch musician Arjen Lucassen. The AMA will be going live on Tuesday, August 10th, and will run until August 12th, and can be found here. Don't miss out!
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Christopher Cross
Auditorium Abel Dubois

FM Broadcast

01. Intro
02. Hey Kid
03. Never Be The Same
04. I'm Too Old For This
05. Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)
06. November
07. Open Up My Window
08. Doctor Faith
09. Dreamers
10. Sailing
11. When You Come Home
12. Help Me Cry
13. Rescue
14. Leave It To Me
15. Ride Like The Wind
16. Outro

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Cool setlist. Hey Kid.. Love that one. But Filesonic is a bit f*cked up. Any chance to have it on another server ??? Puh-leeeeze ??
And you wanna know something funny ? He plays in Marseille, France on next april. It's about 400 kilometers from where I live. Thing is, I have no money. Think about it: 50 euros for the ticket and twice as that for getting there. I still have my phone bill to pay.. Now, THAT's hilarious. As Al Bundy would say: "life is good"'. :lol:
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