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Circa - 2008-05-03 - Glenside, PA - RoSfest with Alan White

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Dedicated to the memory of Alan White...

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Artist: Circa (Yes & Ex-Yes)
Date: 2008-05-03
Venue: Rosfest, Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA, US

BILLY SHERWOOD- Lead Vocals & Basses
TONY KAYE- Hammond & Keyboards
ALAN WHITE-(RIP) Drums, Percussion & Vocals
JIMMY HAUN- Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Vocals

Lineage: Zoom H4 (44.1 kHz/16 bit .wav mode, mid-gain input settings, internal comp/limit setting on),
w/ Sound Professionals/Audio Technica SP-CMC-2 cardioid external stealth mics,
thru Sound Professionals SP-Zoom-OmniMic-Phantom Power Interface;
2Gig SD memory chip; HD; Roxio Sound Editor (to split tracks); Traders Little Helper (encode to flac-6).
Nothing done to the recording.

Performance: B, Recording: B The sound for this show was very poorly mixed (the only show of the weekend that didn't have very good sound).
The Bad News: At the beginning of the set the bass was so freakin' loud that it hurt and drowned out the guitar, eventually they sorted it out a little bit and the show sounded ok by the time they got to the big Yes Medley.
The Good News: While the sound in the theater was poor and the guitar was mostly missing to my ears, having heard a little of the extra loud sound check I used the H4's internal "comp/limit" function and together with the mics that I used it picked up the guitar pretty well and dropped the overwhelming bass to reasonable.
The Bottom Line: Not a bad recording of a pretty cool show. Recorded from the 15th row, left center.

They played the entire "Circa:2007" cd in order, in its entirety, then went right into a 39+ minute Yes Medley - hitting a track or so from nearly every Yes release.
(I think the medley list is right, but corrections / upgrades are always welcome.)

Track List:

1. Cut The Ties
2. Don't Let Go
3. Together We Are
4. Information Overload
5. Trust In Something
6. Keeper Of The Flame
7. Life Going By
8. Look Inside
9. Brotherhood Of Man

10. band intros
11. Yes Medley:

Looking Around;The Prophet;Harold Land;Every Little Thing;
Something's Coming;No Experience Necessary;Yours is No Disgrace;
Heart of the Sunrise;South Side of the Sky;Roundabout;Close to the Edge;
Ritual;Sound Chaser;Parallels;Arriving UFO;On the Silent Wings of Freedom;
Tempus Fugit;Changes;OwnerofaLonelyHeart;Cinema;Rhythm of Love;
Lift Me Up;Loveshine;Mind Drive

(cut out 2+ minutes of clapping)
12. Encore: Let Go (Yes:Union)

Support the Band, go see them play live and buy their stuff, including their debut disc “Circa:2007".
CIRCA official website - CircaHQ – The Passionate Pursuit of Tech.
CIRCA'S myspace - Circa on Myspace

Support the promoters that bring us great live Progressive Rock - attend shows at RoSFest (Rites of Spring Festival) and the other prog festivals.
RoSfest -
NJ Proghouse - NJProghouse Progressive Music Series
NEARfest -
ProgDay -
CalProg -
World Cafe Live (WXPN) -

Do not sell this recording, trade freely in lossless format only.
Enjoy & provide constructive feedback.
Recorded & upped to Dime by gf.(41:42)

Circa 2008-05-03_01.flac:460d97fa0103b031a1b525a8f3325c92
Circa 2008-05-03_02.flac:5e2c944350bbd263bf0f3da7e213563b
Circa 2008-05-03_03.flac:1567b62ec6ec0fc1df9f3f0ae1aa12ca
Circa 2008-05-03_04.flac:896d169be9cea76591c131ee8c30419d
Circa 2008-05-03_05.flac:33060ed401aa01487eb1710fcb6cf3bb
Circa 2008-05-03_06.flac:24a93a9ca4e7cfaad253842dbd90db79
Circa 2008-05-03_07.flac:f6eef2928e826f5ba41c65e7bca50d53
Circa 2008-05-03_08.flac:dc980cbcb45dbd61a9af5058d1d8983c
Circa 2008-05-03_09.flac:990275b64267e7f525bc64e9b4ba9236
Circa 2008-05-03_10.flac:d956cbc747314919e9d080a599ad462c
Circa 2008-05-03_11.flac:45f7ec7ebb6db55e9dda5fb9f8dda4be
Circa 2008-05-03_12.flac:94b7a8def10d68666659f8393383bcee

Bonus download ~
Yes Medley Remastered:
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