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Clarence Clemons with Steve Smith and The Nakeds
Sunset Station
Las Vegas, NV

June 13, 1997

With special guest: Nils Lofgren

The Ken G. Collection [Vol 151]

Source: unknown mics > DAT > unknown cassette generation [100 minute Maxell XL-II]

Transfer Lineage:
Maxell>Sony Deck TC-WE 475>JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (standalone)>Soundforge 9.0>Wav>TLH [sector boundary aligned] Flac Level 8>Dime 9/7/14

Transferred, Balanced and Tracked by George [Upload 282]


Today we have the next Clarence Clemons in this run.

Transferred and Flac'd for the first time anywhere.

What I'm offering here is a partial cassette copy from both the early and late shows.

It appears that the taper only gave out a selection of songs to fill up a 100 min tape.

It's probably safe to say that both shows were recorded in complete form, but not circulated as such.

These were free shows to the public.

During the late show they bring guest singer songwriter Nils Lofgren out on stage.

Nils performs 2 of his own songs "You" and "Sticks and Stones".

As the tape comes to an end, the last track is faded out.

Samples Provided.

Early Show 7:30 pm

01 One Step Two Step
02 Instrumental
04 Instrumental
05 All Over Now [Rolling Stones]
06 Stand By Me [Ben E. King]
07 Any Time At All [The Beatles]
08 Mustang Sally [Mack Rice / Wilson Pickett]
09 Instrumental
10 I Want To Love You
11 Instrumental


Late Show 10:00 pm

12 Instrumental
13 Pink Cadillac
14 I Want To Love You
15 Nils Lofgren Introduced > You
16 Sticks and Stones
17 Instrumental
18 You're a Friend of Mine [end faded]

Total Time = 98:43 min
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