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There are some terrible suggestions on this forum. Never use water or water-based cleaners on your fingerboard; it will penetrate the wood and cause the wood to swell and will change the feel of the grain (especially on unfinished maple boards). Solvents such as 3 in 1 and Goo Gone are also inappropriate, they are potentially harmful to the wood and may erode glue holding inlays and fretwire in place. Furniture polish is generally water-based (bad) and contains silicone (double bad). Silicone makes the wood look nice and shiny, but is a nightmare for refinishing if you ever choose to do so. Alcohol or Naptha are effective cleaners, but may stain the board (some players like this look) or erode glues. It is best to use Lemon oil or light mineral oil (which are 99% the same), or a brand-name fingerboard cleaner and conditioner, available at most music stores.

To clean a heavily soiled UNFINISHED board, use a small amount of Lemon oil and 0000 steel wool, working gently with the grain of the wood (cover pickups with painters tape first, and be careful around inlays). It should be noted that "Lemon oil" in this case is not made from lemons, but is a product made from mineral oil and petroleum distillates which is yellow and lemon-scented. Do not rub lemons on your guitar :). Linseed oil acts less as a cleaner and more as a varnish. Light mineral oil is ideal for maintaining and conditioning the wood but is less effective as a cleaner than Lemon oil. For FINISHED maple (standard on Fenders), oil will have no effect and should not be used. A small amount of guitar polish on a microfibre cloth is best for these boards.

NOTE: I agree with VB when he says that its best to simply keep your hands clean and wipe the board after playing, in the long run this will be alot less work, not to mention less expensive. An improperly maintained board will effect the tone and playability of your guitar. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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