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THE BLACK SESSIONS February 4, 1994

reseed by borzage aka vivian
(february 06 2011 on dimeadozen)

lineage: my master tape (tdk chrome)->audigy platinum 2 ZS->wavelab->denoiser->flac frontend8

01- Pur
02- Road river and rails
03- Blue Beard
04- Heaven or las vegas
05- Whales tails
06- Carolyn's fingers
07- Iceblink luck
08- Summerhead
09- Ella Megalast Burls Forever*
10- Blue Bell Knoll
11- Pink Orange Red*
12- Aikea-Guinea*
13- Sugar Hiccup*


* those tracks comes from a previous torrent by mahood on DaD 2006.
because my version of 'Ella Megalast' had a skip around 2'12 &'Pink Orange Red' was cut when it was broadcasted because it was the end of the transmission.
(by the way i don't know how Mahood got his complete version as this concert haven't been broadcasted since).

Aikea-Guinea + Sugar Hiccup have been played at a later date.

Mahood lineage

TDK SA90 > HDD via creative soundblaster > adobe audition (slight hiss reduction, editing) > CD wave > flac 6

and of course, you still have sometimes the DJ Bernard Lenoir who likes to talk on intro of songs...

Link: cotwiblases94 -.rar - FileFactory
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