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Vera, Groningen, Netherlands - flac, radio broadcast!F9BGhIxZ!LVG2_TGy6eRob4Vjh8-tp4OiTCKzBRJoKOHkHd8T2wA



Cocteau Twins
Vera, Groningen
the Netherlands
2 february 1985

A radio-broadcast on FM-radio in the Netherlands I recorded back in february 1985. This recording contains all songs that were broadcast and is still of very good quality.

Lineage: FM-radio -> TDK SA90 -> Sony tapedeck (the same that recorded) -> Philips CDR880 -> my own Wave-tool (normalization and editing) -> FLAC

Quality: FM radio broadcast

Track listing:

01 Quisquose
02 Millimillenary
03 From the Flagstones
04 Peppertree
05 Lorelei
06 Musette & Drums
07 From the Flagstones (encore)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts