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come on texas are you chicken or what?start a battle man!i chalenge you!!!i ve listen to your advice and i made some practice in arpegios now i am ready to kick your ass!!

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I am glad your practicing your arpeggiois. that's at least a start. Now after you start to get the hang of those, practice your phrasing and vibrato and then call me in a couple years. Just kidding,,,just kidding....

Really Man, I just got back in town from a trip and leave again in a few days until late next week. I don't have time to do a challenge with you NOW. Next on my list is a Dokken "In My Dreams" George Lynch Battle with Wha-Wha. He is Next on my list and we are already set up on this and Wha-Wha is a cool normal dude and I will enjoy our battle with him.

Also, this battle on the RAIN ad lib jam over backing has been done too many times. This is like the 4th battle on this backing track. I am uninspired on this track and for me It is over doing this AGAIN....

I already won a battle on this song once and am currently in my 2nd battle on this song against Jem right now. Our battle is stuck at 7-7 and is basically at a standstill because no one is voting on it anymore. Well, now I am winning 11-9, but i think he made our battle 15 votes win so it is going ot take forever.

People don't want to hear this AGAIN by me and you, plus I heard your version on this already. It was good, but I wouldn't quit your day job at McDonald as a fry cook just yet. (That was pretty funny,,,,,right???)

Maybe we can have another battle on a different song in March, if your still are on this forum. I will think of a song and you do the same and we will agree on one and battle it out. Just remeber though, Texas never lost a War against Greece and likley never will. LOL Texas has been kicking ass since the 1875:jam:

Take care Chief.....

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