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Communication Breakdown (a la Jeff Healey)

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I've been wanting to do this song for a while, and now that I can (almost) play the harp, I decided to do a cover in the spirit of Jeff Healey & John Popper.
Rock On! :rock:
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cool take Naifuzan :)

these classic Led Zep tunes doing the rounds ;)
Great stuff Naif, soon you will be giving John Popper a run for his money. I just love that harp, and the guitar playing ain't nothing to sneeze at either.
Oh yeah!!!!:woot: This is just wicked, bro!!!:jam:
Yeah Way 2 go!!!!!!!
I've heard the jeff healey version of this song on that album he did with all covers , and your guitar tone in the rhythm is REALLY close to that version , nice work !

solo was good too .. :thumb:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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