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I'm so confused about learning Electric Guitar.
I'm playing since last year but I haven't practiced seriously and regularly and last year that I bought my Guitar I had a teacher for about 4 months and I chose not to go to classes anymore and started learning myself and I learned many things but again I got bored of playing alone and without no discipline so I found a good Guitar teacher again. So I have a Guitar teacher but I am not satisfied by just playing the exercises that he give me, The exercises that he give me every session are good and also he introduces songs to me to practice and I practice all of that. But I am not sure if it's all good , I mean I'm not sure If I can be a good guitarist by just practicing these things, I have bought many books and DVDs and stuff and I've downloaded many Guitar lessons. I have also bought "Learn and Master Guitar With Steve Krenz"
but still I'm confused, I am almost 17 and my goal is to set music as my profession. So I really want to learn Electric Guitar faster and more important I want to learn it good , I mean I want to learn all important things and be able to play harder things.
But I just need some advice... What Should I do ? What do I have practice more ? Should I cover songs more or I should practice books most of my time ? Do I have to use books like Troy Stetina and ... ? How much practice is enough every day, I really enjoy playing Guitar and now that I have started playing seriously since 2 months ago I am really good as a 2 month player (as my teacher and my friend said). I can play Master of Puppets (Metallica) with low tempo and I know some solos and I know some Machine Head solos and I can play plenty of songs good enough. But still I am not satisfied.
So Any suggestions ?
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