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Couple of New Additions

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A Soloist & a SLATQM, very tasty. :icon_cool

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yum yum yum :D
That PRS is imo one of the most beutiful guitars ever.
Thanks very much Tiki but it's actually not a PRS. I have a fetish for pointy 80s guitars (and guitars made by companies that made pointy 80s guitars):

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Btw what kind of pup are in the guitars? Did you get them used or did you really blow a hole in the wallet? :D
I've a vendetta against taking the depreciation hit on new gear so I buy almost everything used. These are both used, the lacewood Soloist is a '92 and the SLATQM is an '02.

The lacewood as a Duncan Custom in the bridge but I've not yet pulled the singles to check them. I'm not entirely certain what the mini-hums in the SLATQM are but I'd guess that the neck is probably a Duncan SM-1 while the bridge is either an SM-2 or SM-3.
Absolutely gorgeous!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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