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The following mp3 features my favorite PODxt patch. It's a stab at Joe Satriani's The Extremist done with a (really outstanding) backing track I found online.

The leads and the main rhythm riff I overdubbed with the PODxt. I wasn't actually trying to go for Joe's sound on this song, but my patch sounded close enough so I just went with it. Nothing was tweaked in the mix but levels. Guitar used is an Ernie Ball Music Man VH. Usual apologies for sloppy playing, and being out of tune here and there.

Here's the song: (right-click, save as..)

Here's the patch for you guys with PODxt's:

The rhythm is exactly the same patch as the lead, minus the stereo delay. These sounds tend to accentuate pick attack a little too much. Some of that is my (bad) playing, though.

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VHfanOU812 said:
That version rocks! Was that a harmonica part in there also?
Yeah, but it was on the backing track. I can't play harmonica for crap.

BTW, those both your Wolfgangs in that pic?
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