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Hi there,

This is a great cover. The guitar work on this is great and the tone on the guitar is really good ! The production levels are great.

You are very brave to attempt the vocals on this one mate, especially as wahwah says, Ozzy is a difficult one to try. I would say that the vocals are too dry for a start. Yes, you struggle with the vocals, but hopefully this won't put you off in future. I'm sure most people would struggle with these vocals !

Keep posting, you just gotta find a song that's in your range and I think you'll be fine !

But don't let this take away from the guitar work. It's great. I have been trying this one myself, and struggle at it. The main verse riff causes me problems with the open A string chugging whilst hitting the sequence of chords. I'll get there, but the time I am 64 though !

So respect to you for nailing the guitars on this one mate !

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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