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Royal Albert Hall
2nd show

01. White Room
02. Politician
03. I’m So Glad
04. Sitting on Top of the World
05. Crossroads
06. Toad
07. Spoonful
08. Sunshine of Your Love
09. Stepping Out

Almost a month after the end of the US tour, Cream performed their final sold-out concerts. The Royal Albert Hall was now a major rock gig in London despite it's atrocious acoustics. Only a few months after this concert Pop music was to be banned from the Hall.

Two concerts were performed and this is the audience recording of the 2nd (evening) show. The shows were videoed with the 2nd making up most of the released film. The soundtrack of that show is available on bootleg but it's incomplete with commentary intrusions. This is the complete show in correct order including Eric Clapton's final performance of "Stepping Out".

The first show had been less than satisfactory, as would be expected after almost 4 weeks without contact between the members of the band. They did do a sound check / rehearsal but at this stage they had lost interest. Eric - "I was bored shitless". However they did get moving in the 2nd show producing a solid "Crossroads" and quite excellent "Sitting On Top Of The World". "Spoonful" is relatively short and better for it. Ditto for "Toad" but Baker was clearly tiring.

After an encore of "sunshine Of Your Love", Eric offers "Stepping Out". It returns to the original Bluesbreakers form and Clapton simply plays it as an obligatory final encore. The concert closes with an exhausted Ginger being led from the stage. Eric comes back and announces..."The leader has just collapsed, so we can't do any more" It was finally over.
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