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Cream "The Remasterd Collection vol. 10" - "California Days" (2 CD)

The Remastered Collection - volume 10 (last part)
artwork included

CD1 Anaheim, California, 18th March 1968

1. Spoonful (Dixon) 16.20
2. Sunshine of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton) 10.18
3. Rollin’ & Tumblin’ (Morganfield) 5.41
4. Stepping Out (Bracken) 11.14
5. Toad (Baker) - Very Incomplete 0.57
6. I’m So Glad (James) 7.44

The Fillmore, San Francisco, 7th March 1968

7. Sunshine of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton) 6.55
8. Sunshine of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton) 6.50
9. Bonus Track (Total: 73.49)

The Recording/Remastering


This was recorded well back from the stage with plenty of recorded chat from the guys. Quality is only reasonable with the drums distant. The PA was good as the vocals are clear but miking on the drums was poor.

The recording was underspeed and has been successfully corrected. Bass is prominent on "Spoonful" as Jack starts a bit turned up. This one of those gigs where Jack and Eric were really turned up and Baker drowned out.

Unfortunately the recordist did pause the tape between songs and stop it after "Stepping Out". Tape noise has been reduced but some momentary noises remain as they are imbedded in the recording.

Now a quite well balanced recording even with the recessed drums. And really we can't complain when a new recording does appear especially of this quite acceptable sonic quality and an excellent performance.

The Fillmore "Sunshine of Your Love"

"Sunshine of Your Love" from the 7th March 1968 Fillmore performance was released in 1988 on a limited edition 'After Midnight' CD single which is now a collectors item.

This is a rough mix off the master tape, which I believe was a quick mix by Tom Dowd to see if the tapes from that night were usable. It was the first night of the live recording sessions and Tom was trying to work out how to cope with Cream at concert volume levels.

To appreciate this recording you really have to listen to it on headphones as the guitar bleed into the drum mikes is very clear. In an attempt to mask it the guitar was panned centre during the solo - an effect that just wasn't right for a live recording. The most incredible sound is the bass drums on the ending jam. This is the most accurate quality reproduction of their live sound.

On the remaster I have created a two channel mono mix which eliminates the panning while still retaining the instrument balance. For comparison a tweaked version of the official remaster release, from 9th March Winterland, is included.

CD2 San Jose, California, 25th May 1968

1. Tales of Brave Ulysses (Clapton/Sharp) 4.23
2. Sunshine of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton) 10.16
3. I’m So Glad (James) 8.46
4. Sitting on Top of the World (Burnett) 5.51
5. Stepping Out (Bracken) 12.12
6. Traintime (Bruce) 7.33
7. Toad (Baker) - Almost complete 15.54 (65.00)

The Recording/Remastering

This was recorded on an 8 track cartridge recorder which were long ago, thankfully, assigned to the technological garbage bin. In this quality it has been released as a 'commercial' bootleg - a total rip-off.

For this concert they had a great PA and the drums were quite well miked . The recordist started well back in the auditorium but between Sunshine and Glad they moved forward with a resulting increase in presence and reduction in hall reverb.

The remastering was long and tedious but worth the effort. Major speed variations have been largely corrected but in terms of pitch it remains quite variable but very much improved - some 4 minutes longer!

Tape reversals have been edited but remain obvious, though much less intrusive. The "Toad" ending is abrupt after removal of the harsh noise of the tape termination. Basic balance was quite good and it is now very listenable but still quite flawed.

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