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lol! glad to be of service to you.

Just a tip. battery 2 has channels which make it very easy to use effects on specific drums/cymbals. say if you want to add compression to the bass drum - assign it to, say, channels 1-2, and in the lane view click on vst instruments to expand the view. on the batt2 channel click on the + and it will list all the tracks. on channel 1-2, click the "e" (edit channel settings) to call up the vst track properties. click on one of the empty vst slots and got to vst dynamics and select compressor from the preset list.

You can also set up fx channels that can be mixed in via the output channels on the right of the edit channel settings window. Check out the help for more info.

1 more thing. if you want to have your drums panned (for tom rolls etc) then simply assign each drum to a different channel and pan them on the vst channels

Have fun mate :thumb:

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Hi. This is a cry for help, and a chance for you to make some money. My lad is 14, he is guitar mad and so I have bought him cubase 5. I haven't a musical bone in my body. So ... I was wondering if you would come over to Pompey and give him some starter lessons?
He wants to make his own backing tracks, mix music etc.
I will pay for your journey and your time, what ever within reason.
Just let me know what you think would you?

Cheers in advance. Tony
[email protected]
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