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Creedence Clearwater Revival---WNEW Radio Acetate

The following is comprised of a very rare Acetate once owned by WNEW Radio in New York,NY. They took two concerts by CCR and had them pressed onto an Acetate disc to be played during the summer of 1970.
The concerts are 5-2-1970 in Seattle,WA and 5-13-1970 in New York,NY. Both concerts were played during two seperate radio broadcasts only a few days apart.
The 5-13-1970 concert in New York,NY is Soundboard and it's hot! Check out the energy!
The 5-2-1970 concert in Seattle,WA is an Audience Recording from very near the stage. The 5-2-70 concert is complete!
Yes,it's from the original Acetate,so there are scratches,but who cares,right? This is rare/classic CCR!

1-Don't Look Now (5-13-70).
2-Travelin' Band (5-13-70).
3-Who'll Stop The Rain? (5-13-70).
4-Born On The Bayou (5-13-70).
5-Green River (5-13-70).
6-Bad Moon Rising (5-13-70).
7-Proud Mary (5-13-70).
8-Fortunate Son (5-13-70).
9-Down On The Corner (5-13-70).
10-Born On The Bayou (5-2-70).
11-Green River (5-2-70).
12-Tombstone Shadow (5-2-70).
13-Travelin' Band (5-2-70).
14-Fortunate Son (5-2-70).
15-Commotion (5-2-70).
16-Bad Moon Rising (5-2-70).
17-Proud Mary (5-2-70).
18-Up Around The Bend (5-2-70).
19-Night Time Is The Right Time (5-2-70).
20-Keep On Chooglin' (5-2-70).

Enjoy the classic CCR and please hit the "Thanks" button or let me know!

Keep On Chooglin'!! :rock:

It's all about the music!

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I think the thing that might of messed the download links up may of been all this lousy weather from the hurricane. The links seem to be better today.
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