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Creedence Clearwater Revival -
Woodstock Music and Arts Festival;
August 16, 1969

Max Yasgur's Farm Field

Main Stage [took the stage aprox. 12:30 pm after Grateful Dead]
Bethel, New York
August 16, 1969 [Day 2 Saturday - really the 17th being 12:30 am Sunday morning]

Complete Show Performance [Nothing here is from any commercial releases. This is a true recording from my friend]

Source: Master Soundboard Tape [sound is a bit distorted a few times but no flaws]
Track 01: Source from Eric Blackstead own Soundboard Master Tape [first 42.5 seconds]

Honest I can not confirm wether he was using tape or reel. Trying to think he knew to tape flip after about 32 minutes. Before the long songs. I have the Band CCR, Janis & Sly. I think he might of been on stage because they were on all after one another, The recording all sound from the same source. This one is probably the worse because they came on after the dead

Lineage: sbd > master tape >original cdr >eac (sercure) > wav Adobe3 > flac[level 6]

01 Tuning > Chip Monck Intro > Born On The Bayou > Banter #
02 Green River > Banter
03 Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do) > Banter @
04 Bootleg
05 Commotion
06 Bad Moon Rising
07 Proud Mary ^ > Tuning
08 I Put A Spell On You
09 Night Time Is The Right Time ^
10 Keep On Chooglin' * > Chip Monck Outro > Tuning
11 Suzy Q

Total Time 53.13 [This the Longest version of any out there]

^ - fade out to flip tape
^ - from 2:15 - 2:43 [had source problems along with 7 drop outs]

Band Members
John Fogerty - vocals, guitar, harmonica & vocals
Tom Fogerty - rhythm guitar & vocals
Doug "Cosmo" Clifford - drums & vocals
Stu Cook - bass, keyboard & vocals

Show Notes
Equipment prooblems through out herd in the banter after songs
# - bass not herd [maybe not pluged in or turned on] untill 4:00 into song. they still have other problems.
@- there having a problem with Dougs snare drum during the beginning of the set he has been trying to fix it. John notices the sound. They finally rig it good enough.
* - John Fogerty on Harmonica solo
John Fogerty complained that the long set of The Grateful Dead delayed their set so the performances are tight and upright in the beginning. Fogerty kept the tempo up and the band just followed him. At the end they got a little bit more relaxed starting with a the haunting "I Put a Spell on You" hollows in the dark, followed by - the title says it all - "The Night Time Is the Right Time".
"Keep on Chooglin'", announced as their last number, includes a harmonica solo and lasts for over 9 minutes. The band then returned with the pretty "Suzy Q" as the encore and jammed for about 10 minutes before leaving the stage at Woodstock forever.

I Love Listening to the full recording and the show unfold with all their challenges. Its a great listen

Source Notes
Track 01 - The beginning 42.05 seconds are patched with the Source from Eric Blackstead own Soundboard Master Tape.
at 4.35 & 16.665 seconds pop is removed

This is the complete show. This is a continuous running recording of the entire show with all songs included. This verifies and confirms the songs played and the order the songs were played in. Nothing has been touched and/or altered to this recording.

I thought i would bring this to light and share being that i have never seen this shared before and if it has i never seen this one that i have had for years shared. This was given to me from a special friend who is no longer with us and i am sure he would like to see more people enjoy this. He shared a lot of music with me when he was burning his stuff to wave onto cdrs in 95 & 96. He gave me two copies one to preserve and one to play all the time. This is an eac (sercure) from the original cdr i never played. I know he was at this festival if not on the back stage lol and had alot of good connections and this was lineage he gave me.

John Fogerty originally banned the Woodstock filmmakers from using any audio or visual footage of the band. Four tracks have since been released on a Woodstock box-set that came from the filmmakers' multi-track recordings. This represents a privately recorded stereo tape that is not related to the filmmakers' multitrack recordings
I had collected many other recordings plus 2 other copies of this since my original to compare
1) from Pink Robert in December 2008 it was dehummed and noise reduction was used so much that it was lossy in both the Spectral and Frequency Analysis (Pictures enclosed). It did not sound natural at all

2) WOODSTOCK 1969 From Havens To Hendrix Version 2. in July 2008. To much noise reduction was used with that show because it seemd lossy in the Spectral and Frequency Analysis (Pictures enclosed). Also for some reason the total time was a couple of minutes longer but after comparing to my original there was no more music and/or applause.

I Believe Great Dane Records might of used this source for there Woodstock Lost Performances 4 cd box set that came out in 1996 [GDR CD 9412-A/B/C/D] Also in 1989 Great Dane [GDR CD 8913] put one out for just CCR but "Born On The Bayou" cuts in and "99 and A Half" was cut at the end. I have not compared them to this source

In Conclusion I Believe this is the best COMPLETED Lossless source of this show based on listening & the Spectral & Frequency Analysis. Most of all It is a true representation of the sound on that night without any remastering.


added notes by happy jack
i received this back 1996? with the source lineage and date
researched and added info. text
EAC included
added spectral analysis [SA] for tracks 3 & 6
added frequency analysis [FA] for tracks 3 & 6
added md5 verifired then checkd and passed
SBEs verified then checked and passed
added photos

Do NOT Sell !!!!!


Happy Jack

7de5e1f7d15eeceb039a7d2084e7a521 *Track01-fixed.flac
6e922639e66f24fef396a059f5593f30 *Track02-fixed.flac
a55bb70b0469becdb6ab40af657adf53 *Track03-fixed.flac
b45cd7876732610b1472ff3e41ba7ae5 *Track04-fixed.flac
463f4005484ec6e31016aae39ddbf103 *Track05-fixed.flac
88c890d2ef315bfbc7ee78d514ec0789 *Track06-fixed.flac
f0aa7471521a520b868dbfed133c3b43 *Track07-fixed.flac
2128e6e27c16f43b971f544b68c46b24 *Track08-fixed.flac
9e69c7d128d00a7cc15ee3e9e7446a2b *Track09-fixed.flac
7060e2fd31b3a575817d371a76123262 *Track10-fixed.flac
c75c4165868b176d15f65bc7828ae835 *Track11-fixed.flac
521a0623caedf95d85cb1b413cdf8deb *Woodstock August 16, 1969 [Master Reel].log

length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
5:32.57 58698908 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.4775 Track01-fixed.flac
3:13.51 34165196 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6449 Track02-fixed.flac
4:41.39 49660172 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6354 Track03-fixed.flac
3:34.56 37881356 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6455 Track04-fixed.flac
2:45.04 29115452 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6469 Track05-fixed.flac
2:11.46 23216636 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6448 Track06-fixed.flac
3:41.71 39151436 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6303 Track07-fixed.flac
4:23.40 46487324 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6593 Track08-fixed.flac
2:08.73 22750940 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6483 Track09-fixed.flac
10:34.45 111943484 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6389 Track10-fixed.flac
10:22.32 109796108 B --- -- ---xx flac 0.6411 Track11-fixed.flac
53:10.64 562867012 B 0.6251 (11 files)

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