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1. She Gave Me ( Something To Beleive In)

"She Gave Me (Something To Believe In)
Music and Lyrics by : Robert Leo Rumery

Chorus : She Gave Me ( Something To Believe In)
She Gave Me ( Something To Believe In)
She Gave Me ( Something To Believe In)
I used to be so dark,

and so disconnected,
I couldn't live in this world,
I was so dark,
and I was so alone
the world it seemed to be going against me,
the world seemed to have its own agenda,
and I wasn't on its list,
I was on my own and so dark
and so lonely
Love was something that was alienated to me,
I was so paranoid,
and love to me was so unreal,
so alienated,

I thought I could feel the sensation I had feel once,
a long time ago when I was a young boy,
when the world was new to me,

My way of life wasn't a good way of life,
I lived so secluded in my home,
I lived in the brink of darkness and chaos,
my friends couldn't understand the reason
why I lived this way,
I'd lock myself in my room and stay secluded,
you'd only see me once or twice a day,
walking around the town,

Love, she wasn't a friend of mine,
she was my bitter sweet enemy,
but than I meet this girl that I knew that would,

change my life,
was it for the worst,
or was it for the better?,

Chorus : She gave me ( something to believe in),
She Gave Me ( Something To Believe In),
She Gave Me ( Something To Believe In),

Why was this girl looking at me,
why did she want to talk to me,
and ask me questions about my life,
why was she so interested in the life that I've lived,
could she actually care about me?
or was I just in a dream that would never come true?
I was so skeptical and so cautious
I've been hurt before by the people I've loved,
but this girl seemed different from,
all of those other girls that I've been with,
she seemed pure and gentle,
she looked like an angel that had,
feel from the heavens above,
Did someone send me an angel,

when I was in dire need of someone to love,
maybe it was a miracle of god,
or maybe it was a big coincidence,
but I knew what she meant to me,
and what I meant to her,

Chorus : She gave me ( something to believe in),
She Gave Me ( Something To Believe In),
She Gave Me ( Something To Believe In),

Maybe this is the love that I've been searching for,
maybe she's the one that's going to be with me for all times,
maybe we'll have children together,
and love them as much as we love each other,

only time will tell,
but I know now,
that I'll love her for time and time again,
I'll love her until my dieing day,
until I'm gone from this world,
and when I'm dead and gone,

I'll still love the girl that changed my life,
on that faithful day,

Chorus : She gave me ( something to believe in),
She Gave Me ( Something To Believe In),
She Gave Me ( Something To Believe In),

2. Just Another Sinner

What does this world need,
Another sinner,
what does this world hate,
Another Sinner,
who do you think I am.
Another Sinner,

Society looks at me,
and says that I am wrong,
that I don't belong in this time or place,
they look at me like I've grown insane,

I've walked down this endless path,
that we call life,
I've been looked at strangely,
and been called derranged,

so are you sick and tired of me,
telling you what to do,
and how to belive?
you look down on me as if,
I was just,

Just Another Sinner,
Don't fill me up with your lies,
Just Another Sinner,
Don't mesmorize me with your richousness,
Just Another Sinner,
Father I must confession you did me a wrong,
so I made it a right,
Just Another Sinner,

you stand up on your richous pedstall,
and you preach until you can barely breathe,
you tell us to belive in jesus,,
and that he will save all of our souls,

and that he will be coming back,
to condem all the sinners,
your words they don't scare me,
I'll look him in the eye and he will know,

That I'm what he fears,
and what he hates,
and what he can not control,
he sees me as a threat to him,
and his kind,

Just Another Sinner,
don't say your right,
because I know that you are wrong,
Just Another Sinner,
your not as richous,
your daughter smokes a bong,
Just Another Sinner,
people say I'm the devil,
the man with a lost soul,
people call me the prince of darkness,
but do they really know?

its hard for you all to take it in,
you thought I was the prince,
that was gonna ride in on a white horse,
to save all your souls,

but look at you know,
your all graveling at my very prescence

Just Another Sinner,
the final hour has come,
Just Another Sinner,
were gonna see who will win,
Just Another Sinner,
come on father,
show your faith show your god your love,
I"m taking over,
and theres nothing anyone can do,
Just Another Sinner,
and I'm here to stay,

3. Rock Isn't Dead

Chorus : Rock isn't Dead
Oh no,
Rock Isn't dead,
Oh no,
Rock isn't dead,

Stop filling me up with your lies,
stop trying to put me into a suit,
and telling me what I oughtta be,

Thjey said Rob,
cut your long hair,
and buy a decent pair of pants,
but thats not rhe way that I am,

they tell me that my music is way to loud,
and it causes brain damage,
you look like a bunch of druggies on a bing,
and rock is dead,

Well hold on a minute,
your trying to fill me up with lies,
Rock isn't dead,
your brain is just fryed from all of that,
pop music, and mindless bable they call rap,

I just came her to tell you,
let my grab my guitar,
and fire up my amplifiers,

Chorus : Rock Isn't Dead,
Oh NO!
Rock Isn't Dead,
Oh No!
Rock Isn't Dead
Oh No!

Just listen to me and what I say,
I say it loud and I say it first,
so just listen to me and my words,
I got an obession, that won't die,
just listen to me,

My soul is filled with what you hate,
rock and roll,
it lives in me,
can't you see or are just to blind to see?

he smelled like teen spirit, and he told you to come as you are,
do you hate him?
or do you worship the ground he walks on?
he was the rock and roll rebel,
he showed how to rock,
and he brought you rock and roll,
and its here to stay,

And the god of metal,
the poison man,
hey look its Alice Cooper,
c'mon, Alice,
Poison me!

So what em I doing sitting here talking to you?
I'm fighting for future generations,
after I'm gone,
I pledge to you there will be more rock and rollers,

Chorus : Rock Isn't Dead,
Oh No!
Rock Isn't Dead,
Oh No!
Rock Isn't Dead!
Oh NO!

So take my hand and you will understand,
and I will show you the life you could live,
the life of the rock and roller,
so just take my hand and recite these words,

I am the rock and roller,
I will srtay to my destiny,
I am the rock and roller,
I've got long hair and loud guitars,
I shall follow the heavy metal scene,
and take no crap from you pop stars...

Theres are my three songs I can't beleive I'm doing this.. I hope you like them.

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I do like them - You don't suffer a short fall in words which many of us do. There is a hell of a lot of angst in them though. Do you really feel this alienated, or are they characters for the songs? They sound good though - there are some interesting anti rhyme ideas too.

Many thanks for posting :thumb:

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I don't really feel that alienated anymore.
"She Gave Me" was a tribute to my girlfriends and all the special girls in my life
"Just Another Sinner" was bascially me attempting to do an ozzy-isque song and "Rock Isn't Dead" is just basically how I Feel about the re-birth of the hard rock/metal scene.

And also I got a few more.

4. BabyGirl

Baby Girl,
I love you so much and I don't know,
where I should start where to begin,
there is so much about you that I love,
where do I start?
your such a beautiful girl,
your mind is darkend by fear and sadness,
your heart has been broken so many times,
but what can I do I'm only just a man,

Baby Girl,
what can I do to make it all better?
you've told me a thousand times how you felt about me,
how you yearn for me in your life,
how much you love my tender sweet touch,
but look at me an emotional mess,
can't you see.
that I love you too but I can't show it,

what are we going to do?
I know the sorrows in your life,
the hatred you have for it,
can't you feel the love that we share?
The love that has drawn us close together?

I look into your eyes,
and I see a forgoten soul,
a misleading heart,
all I want to be is your Babyboy,
All I want to be is your lover the guy,
that saves you from all the sorrow in your life,

I can't change the your past,
but I can write your future,
and it is looking bright with glee and happines,
I see us together,
but what your sister did it was so fucked up,
took what life she had and ended it,
but I say to that is,
we loved,
we missed you,
so when I get to heaven I'm gonna sell you my soul,

This is my babygirl,
I'm gonna put my arms around here,
and I'm going to lover her tenderly,
under the nights moon,
under the Angel's Love,
Shes my baby girl,
and I'm never letting go

5. When Love Fades

You can see them playing,
you can hear their voices inside of your head,
you feel there breathe on your so skin,
so cold and so clamy,
you close your eyes and you can see what happened,
that they had sealed there fat in a dimly lit-room,

You want to pretend like it never happened,
you huddle in the corner and curl into a small little ball,
you closed your eyes tightly with your legs into your chest,
rocking back and forth hard,
wishing that it wasn't true,
wanting to go back to a happier place,
inside of your mind,
inside of your soul,

You just wanted to walk away from,
the love that you had in your life,
the passion that was inside of you,
all you can remember is you screaming at them,
you telling them that you hated them,
but thats not how you truly felt,
tears pour out of your eyes and they stream down your cheeks,
the sorrow inside of your heart,
the pain and the hatred for what happened and what was supposed to be,
you can't turn back the clock to stop this deed,

Chorus : This is what happens when love fades,
This is what happens when love fades.
This is what happens when love fades,

Can't you remember all the happier times,
that you all had it wasn't always like this,
the love all three off you shared it was uncanny,
so loving and so passionate,

I've never seen anything like it,
the love that you had all shared,
for that brief period of time,
but know it was all gone and there was only you,
can't you see what your putting her through?

This is what happens when love fades
this is what happens when love fades
this is what happens when love fades

know it is time,
to go down to the church,
open your eyes and your hearts,
its time to say your final good-byes,
its time to let them leave,

tears pour out of your eyes,
I comfort you with a brief kiss on the lips,
I'm here for you,
for know and for the end of time,
I love you,

6. Death

I traveled throug time,
and I saw the future,
that you will never see,
I saw what god has done to us,
what the world is coming to,

the seas,
they boiled over,
and the world it turned red,
I've seen the war,
the mayhem and the utter destruction,

don't belive me?
look to the skys,
the darkend skys that are no longer friendly,
that no longer see the peace,
that was once there,

I've seen our so called president,
sell his soul to the devil,
for his own fianncial plan,
and the trust what we thought we had,
it has disappeared in a flash of bright-light,

so know,
lets just watch the world disappear,
and the rest of us,
will become his slaves,

can we help ourselves,
or will we all be doomed for all of mankind?
so know just come and take my hand,
and I'll show you how to avoid judgement day,
for I am your fate,
and I am your destiny,

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7 . A Madman (Behind My Eyes)

A Madman (Behind His Eyes)
Music and Lyrics : by Robert Rumery

Chorus : A Madman (Behind My Eyes)
A Madman (Behind My Eyes)
A Madman ( Behind My Eyes)

Locked up inside of this cage,
I can't sleep,
I can't breathe,
all this darkness inside of me,
all this hatred running through my veins,
I closed my eyes and I could only see darkness,
I opened my eyes and it seemed to get darker,

a demon living inside of my brain,
a demon thats driving me insane,
I'm alieanted from the life I used to have,
aliented from the people that I used to live,
what is wrong with me?,
will it ever stop?
or em I doomed to a life alone,

I try to breathe,
and I try to see,
but everything goes black,
and I'm alone again,
a madness driving in my head,
a dark person emroided in my body,

Chorus : A Madman (Behind My Eyes)
A Madman ( Behind My Eyes)
A Madman ( Behind My Eyes)

I can't see you but I can feel you,
deep inside of me trying to attach to me,
to my soul and what I've become,
Hes trying to take over me,
the one person that I love,

A Psycho driver inside of my eyes,
killer instincts inside of my soul,
can't you see what I've become,
what I must become to live,
I've slipped out of the light,
and into the darkness,

Chrous : A Madman (Behind My Eyes)
A Madman ( Behind My eyes)
A Madman (Behind My Eyes)

you said that you wanted to help me,
but you don't really see,
what its like to be me,
inside of a dark pit,
and friends will self-destruction,

but you try to guide me in your ways,
you try to have your will over power my suicidal tendancies,
you try to make our souls one,
but could that really happen?
because of the darkness that lives inside of me,

Chorus : A Madman (Behind His Eyes)
A Madman (Behind His Eyes)
A Madman (Behind His Eyes)

Look at what I've become,
with torn flesh and bloodied hands,
a darkend mind and an even darker soul,
could there be any hope for this darkend child,
or would he just live in the darkness,
for the rest of his life,

could the love of another,
help him on his way,
could the love of another,
be what hes needed all his life,
he trys to get better but he falls short,

A Madman winding inside of his head,
giving him ideas on what life should be,
that voice inside of his head whispering the devils name,
that voice telling him to do evil things,
not the way to go,

A Madman (Behind My Eyes)
A Madman (Behind My Eyes)
A Madman (Behind MY Eyes)

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Mate, you are certainly prolific. these are well themed songs by the looks of things and I would like to hear some put to music. Keep up the good work fella and get them recorded :thumb:

It is good to see people posting on this forum again.

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Thanks, Goport. I don't know if I have any energy left to do anymore this week. But yeah, I'd record them except I don't know how to sing or play.. lol .. If I can find anyone thats willing to collab I'd be honored if someone would help me put these to music. There are so many great artists in this forum. I'm a kick-assed writer and thats about it. But I love what I do!! :bannana_g :rock: :drunk:

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I suggest you offer your services as a lyricist in the next don't drop the ball. :thumb:

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Don't drop the ball?

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It only took one lyrical madman to do the job.. ;) I think I've posted these lyrics on like 3 sites including and I've been getting a huge reception on She Gave Me and A Madman. They are awomse both in music and lyrical sense. I can't change what I've done in the past or the people I love. I just wrote these to express just that. And theres a few of 'em I can't post. Because some people don't want them posted so I shall respect there wishes. I'm open if anyone wants to record my songs.. Just give me a little credit lol :jam: :jam: :rock: :rock:

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Yet another one i dun know if this would be considerd a "Song" lol

Black bird,
black bird,
I can hear you calling me,
I can feel you presence,
I can hear your voice calling me,
calling me over and over again,
black bird,
black bird,

Who wants to cross me on a bad night,
Black Bird,
filling your soul with fear as I fly above your head,
black bird,
I fly between the lines of what is right and what is wrong,
black bird,
My song it choes inside of your head,
black bird,
black bird,
come and take me away tonight,
black bird,
black bird,
know give me your soul to night,
so I can put the wrong things right,
black bird,
black bird,
I am coming for you tonight,
I'm waiting outside your window,
I'm in your bed,
I'm the voices that cry from inside of your head,
Black bird,
black bird,

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"Label Me"
by : Robert Rumery

Label Me
by robertrumery04463 on May 20 (edit) (bookmark) (print) (next)
Author's Last Login: 19 seconds ago
In Category: Angst. 4 total.

Why do we do the things that we do?
Why do we say thing we don't mean,
in the heat of anger and passion,
are we all just convicted of leading,
a insane life instead of a normal one?

Are we all crazy now?
or is this just a preview of things to come?
A sky without clouds,
a sun without a reason to shine,
a druggie girl, that can't live without her monthly fix,
a slut that can't find true happiness on the streets,

hope can't find us know,
we're just all to fucked up,
hope can't help us,
because we're un-helpful,

convicted of repeating the life that,
we never wanted,
convicted of being labeled by what,
the people only see,

our hearts and our souls,
they stay looked up inside,
of us like a bank account,
or a million dollars inside of a heavy-safe,

they can't see whats inside our hearts,
they can't see how good all of us are,
they try to put us down by the clothes,
that we wear and they musical lyrics,
that we listen to from day-to-day,

just another episode of "As The World Turns",
another soap-opera that can never end,

The world it turns around- and around,
assuming that we're all the same,
and not indivuals with needs,

they your glazed over eyes,
stoned out of your mind,
and smell the drunking ness,
on your breath,

and they just assume that we are,
the way we are because of something,
we did,
of something our parents did,
but as the world turns, and as life goes on,
we find ourselves with choices, and disaray,
and choas... And the choices we make,
are the building blocks of our future,

Label me,
I don't really give a fuck,
Label Me,
sure I'm different I'm not the same,
Label Me,
I'll do what I want when I want

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Goport said:
I suggest you offer your services as a lyricist in the next don't drop the ball. :thumb:
hey Cro... I host the Don't drop the ball jam's, your lyrical talents would be very much welcomed the next time one is put together. We're still wrapping up the last one, and it's taking a while to finalize, but when I start the next one up... I'll be sure to let you know.

And I would have to agree with Goport, it's nice to see some folks posting here... it's been a while. It has to be a couple months since the last time I put anything up here.

You can check out the premise of the Don't Drop the Ball jams at the following links...

How they work...

Some finished products...

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(( Everyone thinks I'm Crazy, and I AM!!! HA HA HA HA AH!!!))

"Everyone Thinks I'm Crazy"

by : Robert Rumery

Everyone thinks that I am crazy,
they look into my eyes and they,
wonder what lays behind of them,
maybe a man with a darkend soul,
or a man with a deep dark secret,

that he keeps bottled up inside,
of him like a stick of dynamite,
just waiting to go off and blow up,
his soul,
and expresses his true feelings,
towards this dark and evil hurt world,
that has always turned its back on him,
and his friends,

he feels so alone like the little,
boy inside of him that is afraid of,
the new world that he has been born into,

Everyone thinks that I am crazy,
take a look into my eyes and tell me,
what do you see? A lost boy that has no life,
a man who feels so alone that he just wants to,
end he just wants to end his, he dosen't want
to live in this evil world anymore,

evil ideas and evil thoughts,
they run wild through his head,

and that no one ever cares about him,
just another pointless soul walking the,
earth and the realms of his insanity,
that fills his head with evil ideas and evil thoughts,
they look down at him with him dressed in his black,
outfit and his long black that makes him look so gothic,
and satanic you can look into his eyes and see nothing,
but pure hatred for what he has become,

everyone thinks that I am crazy,
maybe their right, maybe I am just
evil in its puriest form like a line of cocaine,
going up society's nose,
and I am going to plaque the world for all of time,
just walking around and being pure evil.

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This one is untitled..

Today is the day,
your all dressed in white,
and hes in his best looking tuxedo,
and todays the day you've been looking,
forward too every since you we're,
a very young girl,

the first time that he had,
ever kissed you on the playground,
when both of you were so young,
and so full of life,
the day has finally come that,
you will show your love,
to the rest of the world,

show them how much both of you,
love each other and what you'll do for one another,
the faithfull day that changed both of your lives forever,
a twisting moment in both of your lives,
young children in puppy-love,
young children just waiting to grow up,
with each other,
grow old with each other,

as you walk down the aisle,
with butteflies in your tummy,
as you walk down the aisle,
and stop wondering if your gonna be together forever,
and you stop wondering if hes going to be "The One",
and you stop thinking about your past life,
the pain that you got put through,
the hurt that the other guys put you through,

him in all of his glory,
just by him touching you,
you feel all the pain go away,
you feel like your in heaven on earth,
this is your day,
the day you'll remember forever,

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I try. :chucks: :music487:

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When the people we love are ripped from us in this world,
it makes thing so hard like we could never go on,
and never live from day to day in the life,
we had created with that person,
but that person is never really gone,
the material being isn't here on earth,
but there soul lives on,
it loves on in your heart,
your mind,
and your soul,
so don't stop beleiving,
and someday we'll see you again on the otherside,
we'll cross paths once again,

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“Heaven is Hell”

Heaven is so over rated,
and Hell is mythical,
so I wonder around here,
a lost soul in my mind,
a tormented heart that,
could never really learn to love,
and a mind that could never,

really learn to hate and despise,
the people that torment him so,
A mind put to waste,
because of the hate he has felt,
a mind that can't think for itself,
it smells like burnt braincells,

and ice-cold hatred flows through,
his veins, and he just wonders why,
why he is who he is,
and why hes been put on this earth,
thoughts run wild through his mind,

hes looking for the silver-lining,
on those clouds he watches in the morning sky,
and the sun the graces him with an appearnce,
why has he became so diffrent?,
why has he become hated?
Does he pose a threat to this world,
he will never know, ,
he live his life in silence,

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