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Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young;
Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA
February 6, 1987

Greenpeace Benefit
2nd show

Here's one from the vaults.
I believe this one has never been on the tracker before.
I think it's a very good musical perfomance by the great foursome.
Trading off songs, completing each other, giving room to a good performance.
I like 'm best like this.

This show was the forerunner to the recording of the American Dream album.
Neil promised David to work with him again if he left the drugs alone, he kept his word.
There were two shows that evening, the first one being a little shorter,
and my copy of the second show sounded better.

Gotta warn you, it's not your all time super quality sounding tape.
This one comes from a 4th generation analoge cassette.
Back in the snail mail days I tried for years to find me a better copy, but no luck.
If anybody has a lower generation/better sounding one please put it on the tracker.
The tape 45'\90'ends were glued together to get a flowing set. Here and there some gaps and holes were fixed.
There is one gap in Changing Partners which I couldn't fix properly, so I left it in. The first few seconds of Southern Man are missing
Beside some hiss reduction no adjustments were made to my original tape.

lineage: 4th generation analoge tape played through a Pioneer S430S >> EDirol SD card >> PC
Editing with Adobe Audition

An all acoustic performance by the great foursome with some nice surprises in the setlist.
First of all an unreleased Crosby tune called 'He's An American', Nash his great song 'Try To find Me'
and a seldom heard acoustic performance of 'Mideast vacation' by Young.
But what really stands out is the great singing and performing, they're in fine form here[check out This Old Huose]
A joy to listen to.
Check it out.

In the files you can find a few pictures, found on the net.
Also included a scan of the review of the show from the Rolling Stone march 26 1987.

01. Wasted On The Way
02. Change Partners
03. Long May You Run
04. Long Time Coming
05. Compass
06. He's An American
07. Nothing Is Perfect
08. Try To FInd Me
09. As I Come Of Age
10. This Old House
11. Word Game/ Crossroads
12. Dayligght Again/FInd The Cost Of Freedom
13. Mideast Vacation
14. LOng Walk Home
15. Critical Mass/ Wind On The Water
16. Southern Cross
17. Suite To Judy Blue Eyes
18. Ohio
19. Teach Your Children
20. Southern Man


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