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Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007 (disc 1 and 2) (disc 3 and 4) (disc 5 and 6) (disc 7 and 8) (disc 9)

Toyota Park
Bridgeview IL
FM Broadcast/Soundboard Recording
Artwork Included

101. Introduction - Bill Murray

102. Introduction - Eric Clapton

Sonny Landreth
103. Port of Calling
104. Promised Land
105. Native Stepson
106. Uberesso
107. Hell At Home (with Eric Clapton)

John McLaughlin
108. Introduction by Bill Murray
109. 5 Peace Band
110. Maharena
111. Senior CS

Alison Krauss & Union Station
201. Introduction by Bill Murray
202. Every Time You Say Goodbye
203. This Sad Song
204. Cluck Old Hen
205. A Simple Love
206. A Hundred Miles or More
207. Oh Atlanta

Doyle Bramhall
208. Introduction by Bill Murray
209. Rosie
210. Oh Death
211. Early In The Morning
212. Outside Woman Blues

Derek Trucks Band
301. Introduction by Bill Murray
302. I Wish I Knew
303. Little By Little (with Susan Tedeschi)
304. Anyday (with Susan Tedeschi)
305. Highway 61 Revisited (with Johnny Winter)

Robert Randolph
306. Introduction by Bill Murray
307. The March
308. Nobody
309. Soul Refreshing

Robert Cray
401. Introduction by Bill Murray
402. Poor Johnny
403. Twenty
404. I'm Walkin

Jimmie Vaughan
405. Roll Roll Roll
406. Crossroad Blues
407. Instrumental Jam

Hubert Sumlin
408. Introduction
409. Killing Floor (with Robert Cray)
410. Sitting On Top Of The World

BB King
411. Introduction
412. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
413. Rock Me Baby
414. Speech by BB KIng
415. Thrill Is Gone

John Mayer
501. Waiting On The World To Change
502. Belief
503. Vulture
504. I Don't Need No Doctor
505. Gravity

Vince Gill
506. Introduction by Bill Murray
507. Liza Jane
508. Cowboy Up
509. River of Pouring Rain.
510. Sweet Thing

Albert Lee[/B]
511. Introduction
512. Tear It Up
513. Country Boy

Sheryl Crow
514. If It Makes You Happy
515. Strong Enough
516. Tulsa Time (with Eric Clapton)

Willie Nelson
601. Funny How Time Slips Away > Crazy > Nightlife
602. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
603. On The Road Again

Los Lobos
604. Introduction
605. Don’t Worry Baby
606. Chuco’s Cumbia
607. Georgia Stop
608. Chains of Love
609. Mas y Mas

Jeff Beck
701. Introduction by Bill Murray
702. Resolution > Eternity’s Breath > You Never Know
703. Cause We've Ended As Lovers
704. Stratus
705. Behind The Veil
706. Nadia
707. Led Boots
708. Angels
710. Big Block
711. A Day In The Life

Eric Clapton
801. Introduction by Bill Murray
802. Tell The Truth
803. Key To The Highway
804. Got To Get Better In A Little While
805. Isn't It A Pity
806. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
807. Little Queen Of Spades
808. Robbie Robertson Introduction
809. Who Do You Love (with Robbie Robertson)
810. Further On Up The Road (with Robbie Robertson)

Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton
811. Steve Winwood Introduction
812. Pearly Queen
901. Presence Of The Lord
902. Can't Find My Way Home
903. Had To Cry Today
904. Dear Mr. Fantasy
905. Cocaine
906. Crossroads

Buddy Guy
907. Introduction by Bill Murray
908. Mary Had A Little Lamb
909.Damn Right I Got The Blues
910. Hoochie Coochie Man (with Eric Clapton)

Finale (All Performers)
911. Sweet Home Chicago
912. Stone Crazy
913. She's 19 Years Old

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Asso -- my thanks! Hope everyone enjoys this one! It takes a while to download allof it, but worth it!

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oh shit!

this is wonderful!
i was AT this incredible festival...i've especially wanted to get the albert lee segments.
he was playing SO hot!

then the derek trucks-susan tedeschi 'anyday' which was the one that got me fired up enough to crash the main floor/field.

of course my first 'must-have' preference was always jeff beck's set, but i already managed to find that :D

thank you speedy!

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WOW Speedy ... Respect goes out to you and many thanks ... Know it took a lotta time to up and share this ... You have outdone yourself in generosity ... Thank you !!!!

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Thanks Jimmy -- kind words from a man who has over 3000 posts! Just glad I can contribute. There's so much great stuff out there, it's hard to find shows folks don'y already have!

For more high quality classic rock bootlegs, visit my site:
So Many Roads To Ease My Soul

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Hey guys, this years crossroads was supposed to be the best ever! So if anyone has anything they could post if they find it I'll do the same and somehow we'll all end up getting the whole show


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and there were a TON of highlights!
all i know is the coming DVD cannot possibly have BB King's unfortunate performance on it, because the guy wouldn't shut up...nor did eric clapton know what to do to get him to stop. honestly it became embarassing after an uncle you love to death finally going a bit senile.

the jeff beck set, 1st and foremost. the new bass-player is SO ridiculously good! again.
trucks-tedeschi-haynes 'band' - they did bonnie & delaney's 'comin' home' SO wonderfully!
buddy guy with jonny lang and ronnie wood.

sonny landreth's set. shred, pure shred at 11:45AM. and clapton stepped in and kept up!

and then johnny winter was simply heroic in a set that was actually painful to listen to...he knew what he wanted to play but the fingers weren't there anymore. shit. he musta gone 200+ bars of red house, on and on. everyone was rooting for him and he DID hit quite a few runs (his singing WAS good though), but he obviously just couldn't do it and someone then just began slowly vamping over what he was playing and then they turned up THAT guy (don't recall who) and johnny finally saw that it HAD been a great try...and an appreciated try, but 'enough'.
poor guy.

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Rodoc, Thanks for the awesome news man, I'm 16 and would have loved to be there. I have seen EC twice once with steve and once with jeff both amazing. Seen Buddy and Johnny and a handful of others, I'm going to BB in the fall and have heard the same about him, why couldnt I be around say thirty years ago? :p Anyways I hope like a SBD someone finds or something, thatd be fantastic!!!
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