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CSNY - Opening Night Detroit - The Palace At Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, Detroit, MI, USA - 24 January 2000

Opening Night Detroit - CSNY2K Tour

"It took 25 years to get David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young together onstage. It took 3½ hours to get them off..."

Audience, Ex+ Quality

Original Lineage: Silver Cd-EAC-FLAC Level 8

Size: 1.11GB

Torrent via Skotsman

It has been pointed out to me by SAFCDoog, that you can play FLAC files via I now don't feel like such a technical neanderthal anymore and neither should you "Old Guys" out there! Thanks SAFCDoog.

All Original Artwork And Notes Included

Set 1 - Electric

01 - Carry On
02 - Southern Man
03 - Stand And Be Counted
04 - Pre Road Downs
05 - Heartland
06 - 49 Bye-Byes
07 - Slowpoke
08 - Marrakesh Express
09 - Faith In Me
10 - Almost Cut My Hair
11 - Cinnamon Girl


Set 2 - Acoustic

01 - Helplessly Hoping
02 - Our House
03 - Only Love Can Break Your Heart
04 - Dream For Him
05 - Some Day Soon
06 - Looking Forward
07 - After The Gold Rush
08 - Guinevere
09 - Seen Enough
10 - Out Of Control
11 - Teach Your Children
12 - Take Me Out To The Ball Game, 7th Inning Stretch
13 - Love The One You're With
14 - Long Time Gone

Short Break

Set 3 - Electric

01 - Ohio
02 - For What It's Worth
03 - Down By The River
04 - Dark Star
05 - Rockin In The Free World


06 - Woodstock
07 - Long May You Run

Bouns Tracks: - Boston, 27 March 2000

08 - Southern Man
09 - Slowpoke
10 - Cinnamon Girl

Skotsman says much love and thanks to the wall----------Colombo releaser


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Thanks Skotsman - though I have a strange feeling I will benefit a great deal from passing on something I came across by accident! Just started downloading your posting and will let you know what I think. Cheers SAFCDoog

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oh man, i've trawled and trawled for some/any 'Y2K' csny shows and finally a couple turn up!

thank you skotsman!

my only minor question/request would be to whether you know any available show in which this band does 8 miles high?

i was at the chicago Y2K tour (yep 24 years after the 1976 chicago stadium show where i sat transfixed on concrete steps for 3+ hours) and the 2 highlights for me were an unbelieveably psychedelic 8MH and then crosby singing his guts out for 'almost cut my hair'...
oh, and that was after i literally bumped into david crosby's wife earlier that day at the art institute of chicago.
i was backing away from a painting and there they were, right behind me.
freaked the s**t out of me.

i also made it to the very next tour in 2002-2003(?) and really did not enjoy how very overpoliticized it was...AND the music (overemphasizing the '..compassionate' album then out) simply was not very good imo.
and nope, they did NOT do 8 miles high either...:>(

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#4 is also out...the rest are fine.

well, today they are...seeing that the 2 and 4 are out because they 'haven't been accessed for a long time', those might be ready to fade too.

i'll do my best to grab what i can...

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probably the rest are down by now...but 2 and 4's what i still need.

i still have the other 10 parts.
shit, i hope WHEN the other 2 get posted i can find them.

wishful on BOTH counts.
this is why i hate multi-parters.



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i tried a couple more of these rapidshare links (beside the 2 and 4 that i'm already missing since march) and probably this whole upload's gone out-of-date.

does anyone have this uploadable in any format at all?
...i'm NOT stuck on having to have this in flac. not at all.

mp3, wav, whatever you can do.
it being 'ex+' makes it all good, far as i'm concerned.

and for that tour, these guys were on fire.

thanks...and buuuump.

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Best audience tape ever?

:biggrin:WOW!!! AN EX+ Audience. AND IT IS!!!!! This is the best audience I have ever heard, I never thought any could be worth hearing.
WOW!!!! This one is. Sounds GREAT. Maybe my earlier post is .....hmmm. How do they do that? Better yet, don't say.
"But only love, can break, your heart, try to be sure right from the start, yes only love can break your heart..."
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