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Just bought SE today, am sort of getting to grips with the controls, but am having trouble recording audio without very bad latency.

I am running a fairly low spec machine, but I have recorded with next to no latency before in another application.

My setup is as follows

A 1.2mhz AMD with 256mb RAM running Win XP home.
I have an MAudio USB Audiophile Card.

I know 256mb is about the absolute minimum that SE will run on, but surely my system can handle recording things like mono guitars without such levels of latency. Currently the audio recording functions are not really useable, must I upgrade further?

I've tried adjusting the various buffers within SE and I've checked my soundcard settings, I'm sure its set up right.

Hope you can help.


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have you checked the m audio website to see if you have the most current drivers for the card?

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Dude, you won't beleive the trouble I'm having with this!

I followed the advice and checked MAudio for driver updates, I found one and downloaded it, the site advised just to run it, so I did.

All proceeded well until I got a dialogue intruction to switch of the Audiophile and to unplug it from the USB Bus. Then the lots of the usual installation stuff happened, then I was advised tto Plug the USB Audiophile back in and fire it up and finally I got advised to restart for changes to take effect. This I did, and low and behold, all driver settings for audio and midi are gone. It appears that this happens when the USB connection is removed, I don't know if this is a fault with my unit, but it seems silly that MAudio wouldn't have warned about it, although it wouldn't suprise me if they just forgot to mention it.

So now I have a slightly more fundamental problem, do I now have to try and re-install the original drivers back off the CD Rom, or have I neglected to do something in the update process? Should I run the update again without switching off the device and unplugging it, or is there some safety issue that MAudio are worried about?

I guess things have got worse, help!
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