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Here's a very nice recording from former "Georgia Satellites" frontman
Dan Baird

Dan Baird and Homemade Sin
Livestock Festival, Chico's Barn
Bovina, New York, USA
September 13, 2008

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin:
Dan Baird: Vocals & guitar
Warner E. Hodges: Guitar & vocals
Keith Christopher: Bass
Mauro Magellan: Drums

Disc One:
01. Six Years Gone
02. Two For Tuesday
03. American Girl (Tom Petty cover)
04. She Dug Me Up
05. Julie and Lucky
06. I Love You Period
07. Crooked Smile
08. Dan Takes Five
09. Oh No, There She Goes

Disc Two:
01. Runnin' Outta Time
02. The Mauro Samba
03. Railroad Steel
04. Fortunate Son (Credance Clearwater Revival cover)
05. Hush (Joe South cover)
06. Helpless (Neil Young cover)
07. Just Can't Wait

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Wow, small world...saw this show last year. A private party in the Catskills about ten miles from where I live! I also taped this show on an old Marantz 430 cassette deck (similar to the Sony D3) as well as sets by Steve Wynn & Miracle Three, Steve Shiffman & Land Of No, local favorites The Disciples of Agriculture and several other bands. Great show, great fun and great BBQ all provided by local entrepeneur and Disciple, Chico Finn, Didn't tape but saw some of a great set by New York's Teenage Prayers, favorites of Steve Wynn. The taper for this release has to be the TV and Film producer Roger Bobley who set up on the opposite side of the barn's entrance from me and who was audio and videotaping the show. Strange to see this obscure show posted...tremendous set by Dan's new band. Glad to see this posting, wasn't sure of the names of the songs in this set list! Too cool....will have to see how this compares to my recording of the set which is still in wav format. Whoever posted this, do you have the Teenage Prayers set???
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