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Dan Fogelberg
St John's University, New York, NY
April 18, 1979

The Lostbrook Tape Series - Volume 21
Recording Equipment: Internal Mic - Sanyo tape deck - Alesis TapeLinkUSB - Audacity - WAV
Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ

01 Introduction
02 Netherlands
03 Once Upon A Time
04 Stars
05 Crow
06 Old Tennessee
07 Song From Half Mountain
08 Someone's Been Telling You Stories
09 To The Morning
10 Paris Nocturne
11 Next Time
12 Manha De Carnaval
13 Guitar Etude No.3
14 Plastered In Paris
15 I Was Never Much
16 Full Moon Mansion
17 Same Old Lang Syne
18 Morning Sky
19 Illinois
20 Part Of The Plan
21 There's A Place In The World For A Gambler

I was well known as a taper at my college radio station,
and when I volunteered to work as an usher for this concert,
my DJ friends were quick to laugh and point out that I
wouldn’t be able to tape the show. I played along as if this
were an unsolvable dilemma, muttering that I had made a big
mistake and would have to sacrifice one for my school. In
reality, it was one of my easiest taping experiences. There
was no risk of being caught at the door, and I was able to keep
the Sanyo hidden backstage while I did some ushering. Well
before show time, I gave the recorder to a friend who conveniently
had an aisle seat in my section. I spent most of the concert
sitting on the steps next to my friend, holding my recorder,
occasionally handing it off to do something “usherly.” In the end,
I produced one of my finest tapes and had the last laugh at the radio
station when I walked in the next morning and pressed “play.” I
strongly recommend this tape, especially to those who might think
that Dan Fogelberg’s music was a little too “soft” or middle of the
road. This is an amazing solo performance by a brilliant songwriter
and one of my favorite tapes.

Dan Fogelberg - 1979-04-18 New York City flac.rar - FileFactory


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