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Hi ya'll.
I hadto jam some blues and came across this "dave gilmour style" backing that I think most of you are familiar with. Recorded this little improv solo over it.
One thing I realize when listening to it now is that I tried a couple of gilmour style bends at a few points that I didnt quite nail. But I'll leave it as it is. One take, first take, improv.
Also it's a bit sloppy at times, and I get a bit lost at a few points since it's not the regular blues progression I'm used to.
But I hope you can enjoy it nonetheless.

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Jeez!!! from the intro, it was killer!! Love the tone you have on this!! Excellent playing here Naz!! Very powerful stuff!!! What equipment did you use? I can't believe how good the tone sounds!! Hat's off to you!! :thumb: :thumb:
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