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Artist: Iggy Pop
Date: 1977-03-25
Location: Detroit, MI
Venue: Masonic Temple
Source: Audience
Artwork: Included

Band Members:
Iggy Pop - vocals, guitar
David Bowie - keyboards, vocals
Ricky Gardiner - guitar
Tony Sales - bass
Hunt Sales - drums

01. Intro
02. Raw Power
03. TV Eye
04. Dirt
05. 1969
06. Turn Blue
07. Funtime
08. Gimmie Danger
09. No Fun
10. Sister Midnight
11. I Need Somebody
12. Search And Destroy
13. I Wanna Be Your Dog
14. Tonight
15. Some Weird Sin

Length: 63:37

JEMS master recording. This is a good to very good sounding recording. This is the first time Iggy had been back in Detroit live since his days in The Stoogies. The audience is all raucous and rowdy this night in anticipation of Iggy's stage antics. This was the first of a two night stand Iggy played at the Masonic Temple with the 2nd night being on the 27th and captures him touring in support of his solo debut The Idiot. The show features a cross section of Stoogies classics along with solo material.

Download this bootleg here

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