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Iggy Pop & David Bowie
Paramount Theater,Seattle
9 April 77
Very good quality stereo audience recording

36 minutes 24 seconds

01 Intro
02 Raw Power
03 1969 / No Fun / 96 Tears
04 Gimme Danger
05 Sister Midnight
06 Search and Destroy
07 I Wanna Be Your Dog
08 China Girl

This is a very good quality stereo audience recording from Iggy's early 1977 tour with Bowie,
from a tape of the 'Iggy and Ziggy' LP...I remember reading the full show is 'out there' years
ago. Can someone share that, please?

Personally I would rate this as the highest audio quality after the Chicago FM recordings,
judging by other recordings I have heard from this tour, it is not surprising the recording
made it to bootleg.

Download this bootleg here

More David Bowie bootlegs here:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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