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David Bowie - 1990-08-05, Milton Keynes, Concert Bowl, UK - US Satellite Radio Broadcast
1990-08-05, Milton Keynes, Concert Bowl, UK
US Radio Broadcast on 96.9 Buffalo NY (97 Rock)

Lineage: FM Broadcast -> 7.5ips Reel to Reel -> M-Audio Profire with Black Lion Microclock -> Reaper -> PsychoDither to 44/16 -> flac

I was going through my parent's attic last week and found this. I thought this would be of interest to the community. I have not had the chance to compare to other versions, but mine is right off the US radio broadcast and taped on a reel to reel deck as opposed to cassette. The only modifications were a little EQ. There was a little high end harshness around 2k. I think it was a teac deck I taped it on, but I don't recall. I was very young and just experimenting with recording gear back then. So forgive the lack of details. Modern love ends prematurely as the tape ran out, and Ziggy Stardust is missing because I was switching tapes during that one. The normal few small dropouts etc are here but for a tape so old (I think it was a radio shack brand - Supertape!) I think it held up pretty well. No shedding issues on playback.

01. Intro / Space Oddity
02. Rebel Rebel
03. Ashes To Ashes
04. Fashion
05. Life On Mars
06. Pretty Pink Rose
07. Sound & Vision
08. Blue Jean
09. Let's Dance
10. Stay
11. China Girl
12. Station To station
13. Young Americans
14. Suffragette city
15. Fame
16. Heroes
17. Changes

Download this bootleg here
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