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David Bowie
Cobo Arena
Michigan USA
April 20 1978
"First Night"

Source: Audience
Description: I received this show many years ago, when I first began trading back around 1984 or 1985. It was part of a "first batch" of tapes that I got and at that time was considered one of the best recordings of the '78 North American tour - however that was well before Baton Rouge existed or the great recording of the second night surfaced. It could be lower gen, I'm not sure, but there is very little hiss on the tape.

Through the wonders of modern technology (ie speed correction) I have been able to slow this down by 6 percent, that seemed to do the trick, so now I can finally make out what Bowie says on coming on...."man the stations" before introducing Warszawa. I also gave the show a bass boost to give it a bit more fullness. Again just the basic tweaks, but enough to turn this show into something really good. Everyone familiar with this recording knows it's clear but a bit tinny, but pretty easy listening. Now in its proper speed it's fun to revisit when Bowie stops Ziggy Stardust, lashing out at the security guards in his 'dramatic fashion' before launching into Suffragette City. The show has small cuts in Blackout and Beauty and the Beast, and does not include the final encore Rebel Rebel. It does have the complete intro and is one of the 'must have' shows for its rare event of Bowie stopping mid-song like he does. That's rare.

1. Intro/Announcement
2. Warszawa
3. "Heroes"
4. What In The World
5. Be My Wife
6. The Jean Genie
7. Blackout (sm cut)
8. Sense Of Doubt
9. Speed Of Life
10. Breaking Glass
11. Fame
12. Beauty And The Beast (sm cut at beginning)

Second Set:
13. Band Introductions
14. Five Years
15. Soul Love
16. Star
17. Hang Onto Yourself
18. Ziggy Starudst (stopped by Bowie)
19. Suffragette City
20. Rock N'Roll Suicide
21. Art Decade
22. Moon Of Alabama
23. Station To Station

24. Stay
25. TVC-15

Rebel Rebel is missing.

Download this bootleg here

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